Why is the UK not making any money out of Iraq?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wee_face, Nov 17, 2003.

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  1. If you didn't know, all the engineering contracts and public service rebuilbing in Iraq has been contracted to American companies. The Americans wasted large amounts of Iraq during the conflict and are now being paid with Iraqi oil money to rebuild the place. All credit to the Yanks, its a pretty good scam that they have going there, but why do we not get in on the action. If we "assisted" in the rebirth of the Iraqi oil industry then we can claim a sizeable cut of the profits, money that would be very useful to.... give the army a pay rise for example, (the best retention tool I can think of!!)

    Admittedly some British Military units have proffed from the war, Iraq can only thank its stars that The Kingo's weren't there on the invasion, who is to say that it was there in the first place.( Come to think of it, has anyone searched the RRF wagons for WMD, some fusilier probably took them home for their local Yardie gang) And finally, I hear that the RAF police made a killing on everything coming home from the gulf,( put it in a box and you'll get it at the other end.... what box?? they aren't allowed to do that, should have been more careful.) :twisted:
  2. Everyone knew there were no WMD's, and they knew the Iraqi army was no match, so we have to ask ourselves why?

    Of course the Yanks profited, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, but the UK did profit, or at least choice parts of it, namely, Blair.

    Blair over the past six years has ruined the UK, but been seen jetting off round the world in various guises. He WANTS to be an international statesman, he wants to be loved, he wants everything. He's achieved much too, particularly in the US where the most lucrative thing you can do is go to dinner and be paid 200K a pop for it. He's booked for at least two years at this rate when he leaves number 10. He's hated in the UK, but loved abroad, but hey, it only cost a few dozen lives.

    Here's a prediction; Blair won't last five minutes on the back benches when he leaves number 0, because he'll have some much more lucrative things to do.
  3. ...there'll be no back benches for good old Tone, not when there are much more important issues at stake - one's place in History for instance, the details to be crystallised at as many US venues as possible, for as many naughty little US$ as possible.

    However; I think you'll find that more than a few UK companies wil benefit from the transition in Iraq. Those who last the course (security is the big, big nasty on the balance sheet) will come out of it all with something of a smile. The Spams will do the same big time, but please take heart from the fact that most will be dependent on British 'force protection', or as we would tend to say; 'security' support. Charge the earth, boys.