Why is the pay so low

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Predator_07, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering how they get away with such low pay,who can live on a basic 12-13k salary a year,I seen in a paper few months back that even eastern european beggers on uk street towns are making up to 300 a week from begging.
    Do the gov really have such a low value of the armed forces.I had been thinking of rejoining but i would be unable to support myself and family on the salary offered.
  2. isn't the basic police sallary like £20k+ pa ( from what i remember,don't quote me on it) so how the hell do they have the gaul to complain?
  3. isn't the basic police sallary like £20k+ pa ( from what i remember,don't quote me on it) so how the hell do they have the gaul to complain?
  4. P07, well presented, take a look at what civies take home, believe me, your wage is ok, and it will go up every April, and when you get promoted, or when you have an AIP, in a nutshell, it will go up given time and your progression. and you have job security.

    Stop fecking moaning and do well, the pay will fall into place eventualy, in the meantime do not think that it's god given, work for it and you will reap the rewards.

    Good luck
  5. Actually the argument you've presented is as weak as that by Predator_07.

    An adminsitrator in the civilian world working 35 hours a week will get at about 13-14k a year.

    An army recruit or private working longer, more unpredictable hours will not get much more.

    In reply to the original question, I think pay is the way it is because people have demosntrated they are willing to join up for that pay.
  6. My current job which is 37 hours a week customer service work pays just over 12.5k p/annum, during the probation period, its not hard to live on a low wage its about being sensible about your expenditure.

    The difference between a civvy job and a joining up is that living expenses are much less so a lower wage leaves you a greater 'take home pay' for the same gross.
  7. And WTF do you think you get when you start in any job, get a grip, you start somewhere, I am not saying for what we do, at any rank, is fair, by christ, it's not, but we do it and we get paid as we go up the ranks.

    We sign that line and we do it knowing that the pay will get better and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, do not compare us to civey street, we are are not civies.

    Yes, the pay should reflect that, however, we all know what we get ourselves into, we all took out the contract and signed on the line.

    Thats life in a green suit.
  8. Agreed... the main difference between a civvie job and being in the Army is that you can be proud of what you do as a soldier.

    Most civvies sit on their arrse, break a f*cking fingernail and go on strike...
  9. Are you saying living expenses in the forces are less?

    If so, try paying a mortgage and being in the forces while your family are living in your house. You will find that it is EXACTLY the same as civvy street.
  10. All_i_want, the point is that not many people joining the Army at 17 have a mortgage or a wife! The pay, whilst apparently quite low, doesn't tell the whole picture, when you take into account cost of rent etc!
  11. longJohn is right, living on 15k PA as a crow does me just fine, but then, i live in and as yet my camp isnt on PAYD so life is fecking sweet!
    However, for people like All_i_Want, senior ranks pay is dog toffee.
  12. but someone starting a civvy job, doesnt have the same cost of housing, food etc. Financially speaking, someone joining at 17 has a better deal that someone leaving school at 17.
  13. AIW your choice to own your own home and have your family live there and it could be considered an investment for the future?

    LJS you make a good point your average 17/18 year old is better off financially due to the cost of SLA etc.

  14. dont most civvie 17 year olds live with their mum? until they get their 14 year old girlfriend pregnant and they either move and live with her mum or get a freebie council house, he then gets a job as at a car wash (noble trade by the way) and she rakes in a fortune in benefits. Upside is they wont get wounded and forgotten by the MoD but will get a massive payout from the govt for repaetative strain injury from repeatedly having to sign on, Down side is neither of them ever get to go to war or have such great mates or fantastic memories.
  15. FF a truly enlightened opinion - I like it!

    This callsign was booted out at 16 and lived in a grubby bedsit whilst working Part Time to fund my way through College. So in that respect yes I was better off when I joined up.

    Everyones situation is different but I still agree with LJS and the opportunity for your wages to go up are IMHO greater than in Civ Div at least at the beginning of your career in HMF.