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Why is the character reference a complicated process?

Even one of the recruiting officers said its a daft process. The forms have to be sent from the AFCO to the referee (a professional person who has known me up to a year and had regular contact within the last 6 months) who has to fill the form in and send it back to the AFCO. The forms are also under data protection, asides who knows where the forms end up?.

If it wernt for this, id most probably be in Catterick by now, maybe well before.
My recruiter gave me mine to give to the person who was writing it for me, and then he put it in the post. Done and dusted in a week, hardly rocket science.
If you're wondering where the forms will end up, the "professional person" who's going to give you a character reference must be a bit dodgy. How long have you knownthem/they known you?
The references are without doubt the easiest part of the process, I can't understand how it could be made any easier. Unlike getting some one to try and think of what to write about you we even give you headings to write in the box. Having sent well over a 1000 references out in my time I have never heard anyone besides you think its a hard process....as said already you choose who you want as a referee..if your worried that it might go to a dodgy place then use some one else.

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