Why is the Army Pension a 'Cinderella Service' compared to the NHS? (forecast as opposed to cold, hard cash)

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I did 1999 to 2003 (AFPS75), then got recalled in 2006/07 (AFPS05). I may have only did 5 or so years but hey they got 2 operational tours out of me, so I think they got their money's worth out of me.
I entered the NHS, worked in about 4 different Trusts, including an NHS commissioned CIC, through Scottish Widows.

If I want to see my NHS Forecast, I go on Total Rewards Scheme and I see my forecast based on the 1995 scheme, the 2015 scheme and the Scottish Widow Scheme. I can log-in whenever I want. If I leave the NHS, I can still keep an eye on it.

If I want to see a forecast on the Army, I write a letter to APC Glasgow, clearly asking for a forecast on both schemes, with a shitty message telling me I have to pay £25 for a forecast if I've had one in the previous 12 months, with a section asking me why I want a forecast. I invariably wait, phone them up for them to tell me it's been lost in the post. I resend another application. I wait 4 weeks, then I get the AFPS75 and have to send another letter again underlining that I also want AFPS05 despite clearing requesting both earlier.

Why can't the Army just operate an online service? Maybe I need to wear a tin-foil hat, but I am starting to think, the Armed Forces hope by making things a little difficult some people may be detered from applying for their pension. All I want to do is log-on, print off an up-to-date forecast every 12 to 24 months and stick in my folder alongside my life insurance docs so it's all in one place alongside my log-in details.

The NHS have had an on-line portal for about 6 years. Why is it so difficult for the Armed Forces?
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You know all the stories from @AlienFTM where he finds something with the compute power of an electronic christmas card taking up the size of a large filing cabinet in the back of some ancient armoured vehicle?

Army IT really hasn't moved on much...

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