Why is Steve Wright such a fuckwit?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Judge Judy, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. Mincing around the kitchen with the wireless on and that tireless, self-believing wanker Steve Wright is on. I used to listen to his drivel 25 years ago whilst driving vans around full of pet food. I thought he was shit then and he's even fucking worse now. Some points:

    1. Wrighty, your show was shit in the 80s, it's stiil shit now.
    2. You're not funny.
    3. 'The Big Show?' You're having a fucking laugh mate. 'The Big Pile of Regurgitated Shite Show' more like.
    4. Why hasn't he been arrested yet for, I dunno, a motoring offence for example?
    5. Cunt.
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  2. Sid the Manager was funny, as was Jervais and the bloke who sounded like a Downie..

    SR actually makes me shout at the wireless, the smug, self-important unfunny singing along to amazing records with a pisspoor voice I don't want to listen to cunt.
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  3. Have you considered listening to something else or are you going to have an aneurysm in your kitchen about it?
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  4. Turn it over then you fuckin retarded kunt!
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  5. He might be retarded but I bet he can spell "fucking" and "cunt"..
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  6. To be fair to Steve Wright, he's the funniest guy he knows! I love the way he asks someone a question then answers it for them. Way past his 'Best by' date.
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  7. To be fair, it's called the 'Big Show' because it's three hours long. The longest (or biggest, if you like) show on Radio Two.

    He is still an unfunny cunt though. Stopped listening to his self publicising drivel years ago.
  8. Here is an idea
    Switch it off or change stations you twat.
    Then you won't get all worked up and raise your blood pressure.
  9. Probably coz he's got connections with the bbc.
  10. Hey! We're all hoping Judge Judy will die of an aneurism. Has anybody got him in the Dead Pool for 2013? ;-)
  11. Even the very worst output on Radio Two is still a thousand times better than the total unmitigated shite on Radio One or any of the steaming piles of turd that are commercial radio stations.

    I'm sorry, but all a wireless needs is a big button for Radio Two, one for Radio Four in the evening, and a slot I can plug my iPod into for all other times.
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  12. Fixed (free of charge) to make it more topical :)

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  13. He can be funny on occasions, rare occasions.
    But he loves the sound of his own voice, a little too much.
  14. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    I firmly believe that he is probably mentally ill and the BBC are too scared to sack him because he will top himself.
    I mean does every person that writes in actually say "I'm loving the show Steve"? No they fucking don't. As for that simpering twat who comes on....death could never be too slow.

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  15. I'm trying to think of a witty come back - Ah bollocks to you; If I think of one later I'll edit it in! :)
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