Why is REME Rugby so poor!!

Put C****** O***** in charge of it. Just as soon as he's finished his little chat with the SIB...

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Nothing, honestly :)

Well, one of the papers did say he did something, but last time the alligators posted the allegations, the post was removed.

Confused? You will be ;)
don't think this is the appropriate place to discuss people personally. Even a PM is a little too late. He's a good duy and I personally hope to be having a few drinks with him at Twickers this week. Going to catch my flight now.
I don't care whether this is an appropriate place or not, the Daily Mail saw fit to devote an entire page to it and my OC was quite happy to photocopy tht page. Obviously everything is under investigation and right now sub judice but the undeniable facts are that he woke up with an a Royal Engineer in his bed in the mess.
because you have fat knackers like J**** H******** playing for you. he has been consigned to the backwaters of recruiting in darkest essex - Saaafend!!! because he can't cut it in a "real" REME Wksp and is past his peak - not just at Rugby apparently. So how does he still get a game for the Corps team???? Well thats what he tells me when he wants a "couple of days off to play Rugby in Plymouth" etc!!!!!!!!!!
The man is a lazy skiving git and has eased himself into the world of recruiting with ease. He is a loafer, a good for nothing waster and you only have yourself to blame if this is the standard of player to pick to represent your illustrious Corps!!
By the way......he hopes to see all of you other egg chasers at "Twickers" this weekend for the annual gin fest!

Read the rules regarding naming names on ARRSE.
As a Corps player of 13 years the reason we aren't as competitive as we should be is that we dont play together enough as a team. Most of the other Corps load their sides (7RHA etc) and as such they know each other inside out. We spend half of the morning before the game learning peoples names!
sparky8 said:
As a Corps player of 13 years the reason we aren't as competitive as we should be is that we dont play together enough as a team. !

Well there enough units about that will take REME Rugby players and build them up. 21 Sigs for instance. Just speak to any of the rugby players there
Thanks 21 Sigs but how many ECE's, Air Techs etc can you have? Its not an option loading anywhere thats not a Bn and to be honest its not fair on the rest of the lads there, ask the non footballers at 6 Bn. Not a happy bunch.
For the record Mitch wasn't sacked at Andover, the club lost its sponsors so they couldnt afford him any more and its testament to the guy that he swallowed his pride, returned to the club and kicked the winning goal in the Hampshire cup. (A good few beers sunk that day!!)
Mitch has been a stalwart of REME Rugby for nearly 20 years now. Andover RFC loved him and he was the best thing that ever happened to the club. I was there at the time and he was brilliant.
Ahhhhh.............CO at Elmpt, after a lengthy absence, back on line and as bold as ever, but not in Elmpt........Expect you have been busy though......What with one thing or another!!......some threads just won't go quietly......
Too get this back on thread, any decent suggestion to get REME rugby back on track.

How about the big daft connor bloke

or the big fat jock prop cam

even the mincer boy mark w from andover
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