Why is Reggie Perrin more important than the lads

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mattygc, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. It p*sses me off big time. The "media" can spend hours analysing why some pratt from who hung the monkey land, did a Reggie Perrin.

    But the time they spend on the Lads and Lasses is only the odd 15 seconds, or if it's important like some no mark gobsh*te MP visiting a safe area 30 seconds.

    No wonder you lot who actually do the job, think no one cares.

    When it comes down to it, the media are no better than the gas house parliament. If some prima donna footballer chips his nail varnish it's front page news. They call these pampered pratts heroes.

    I wish I could do more than rant. But I'm fat f***ed and 50 no bugger listens to us.
  2. You're not alone mattygc. Still we get the media we deserve (unfortunately) Wouldn't mind but most of them read this website as well.

    Come on journos print something worth reading instead of this monkey hanging crap.
  3. Despair not young Jedi. The media IS the gas house parliament. For a moment I thought there was a feckin war on!!
  4. If you read The Daily Torygraph or The Grauniad on any regular basis you'll see a fair number of spot-on articles slating the Government and giving deserved kudos to the lads and lasses at the sharp end. The Daily Hate and The Scum also have the odd 'pro' story (though being red-tops they feel the need to balance those stories with any scurrilous story they can find) but I think you'll find that the Armed Forces are currently a stick with which to beat this highly damaging government.
  5. The papers are interested in sales, and will go for the story that will sell the most papers.
  6. Thats the trouble there is no sustained campaign to keep the lads in the public eye. It's not just the Adams Family in parliament needs slating. It's going to take an editor with more balls than Maggie Thatcher, to shame those who don't care in all walks of life. Maybe then some political donors might attach real conditions to their £millions.
  7. Part of the problem with the media is that they have nothing to report on. What I mean is that to the media there is no cogent plan of action, no set goals that the British forces are aiming for. Of course there are, but they are of no interest to the media, broadcast or papers.

    Eg, Afghanistan, the training and leading of ANA troops. If the media had a target to report on maybe it would be different, "how many ANA have you trained"? MOD bod, "X". Similarly, part of the mission goal is to spread democracy, how is that measured? what does the MOD bod give to reporters in theatre regards that?

    Mattygc, says theres no sustained effort to keep the troops in the public eye, thats true, and it would help, but, and I dont mean this a slight to the lads and lasses, but its a low key COIN operation, not the easiest kind of conflict to report on (no real front line, no real offensive to measure, absolutely no body counts)). I think the question that needs looking at is how we and media could sustain them in the public eye, and not just because they are there.

    On the other hand, there are plenty of "squaddie interest" stories, gongs awarded, personal courage ect, (remember the lad with a real desert rat in GW1?). Obviously not exactly what we`re after here. We want and the UK needs something more, the lads are more important than the twats in Heat and Closer (obviously).

    The fact that the wars are so unpopular does not help either (how daft is that statement? What fkucing war has ever been popular??!!). But you know what I mean. Regardless, Our priority should be with the boots on the ground.

    Can you hear me Mr Murdoch? Nice cosy thing you got going there with Tony aint it?

    If this is a bit deep, sorry, Brandy hangover :oops:
  8. After a while it becomes boring having to read/see/hear the same old news day in day out. People don't want to read the same thing everyday. This bloke has captured the imagination of the country. That's life.

    Personally speaking, this 'we're hard done by squaddies' is getting f*cking repetitive.
  9. Gotta agree with Biscuits there. There will be media backlash sooner or later to the "me boots are shite, the rotors come off me Puma", stories.

    Your the best fighting troops in the world, now ffs crack on!

    There is a definate angle for `compassion fatigue` with the Brit public (look at the McCanns).

    The support regards the Covenant is completely different though.
  10. I'm not talking about publicising every government failure and the broken covenant everyday. Although I think doing that would be a start. but if no bugger is bothered then nothing will change.

    Personally I'm disgusted at the way the services are portrayed/treated. They deserve better, they deserve a f***ing damn sight more respect than they get now. I don't care if it means chucking billions at them and their families. But they need more than money.
  11. Someone will no doubt be offended by my post (personally lads, I don't care), but the whinges are now beginning to grate in certain quarters. Another point may also be, that the problems in the mob right now, are only being used by the opposition as a weapon with which to batter Labour. You don't honestly believe that the Tory Rags care? Come to think about it, do you honestly believe Cameron cares? Before you respoind to that, let's wait until he gets in and give a it a year. Once the Service issues have served their purpose, they'll be treated like any other issue used by a political party and their press just to get one over on the other party which they are trying to oust. They'll be on the back burner for a while. It's the same with news stories. I watched as we crept from front page news to page 7 in all of the papers and to receiving a mention on the news after the latest England win/defeat, for years. It'll not change. Old news doesn't sell or increase the ratings and when you are continually force fed old news, it get's dull and matters only to those who can relate to it.....the wider Service family.

    Come on lads, from the freshest sprog to the oldest salt, we know that none of them give a sh*te unless it suits their purpose.

    Just keep supporting BAFF, the RBL and your Regimental Associations. They're the only ones who actually care.
  12. I believe that the only reason that forces problems are coming to the fore is to remove labour from power. So what? I want shut of them, don't you?

    Pretty sure that any party that takes power using a pro-forces stance will have to at least do a token amount about it/them. That has got to be better than another labour government.

    Can you name another government that has sent troops to war while reducing their spending? Damned if I can.
  13. Reggie Perrin is interesting to the media because there is some mystery to the situation. As far as I can recall most governments have forgotten the military once the fighting has stopped. If they hadn't we would need the RBL. I think that this administration just wants to keep the cost of the wars out of the public eye - as well as the cost of other things which the public clearly is concerned about. The real debate needs to be about whether Britain needs to keep playing World policeman - well Special Constable to the US marshall. I doubt that many European citizens are wishing that their soldiers were fighting in Iraq or' Stan. And before it's pointed out that there are some others, who is at the pointy end?
  14. The dinner gong has sounded. The claret has been opened. Anyone wanting to slag me off ( and I hope someone does) will not get a reply unfortunately.

    Have a good evening.