Why is poo mostly Brown???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LIMA, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. I´ve been spending far too much time on Arrse!!

    Following on from the "goodbye to Mr last poo of 2007" thread -

    Whilst inspecting the first dump of 2008 I was admiring the colour and composition of my latest creation and wondered why they are almost always brown (excepting post curries and Guinness poos).

    The answer and much more besides can be found here:

    Facts about Poop
  2. Shouldn't the title be "Why is Brown mostly poo?" :D
  3. Brilliant!!!
  4. and so why is wee yellow? same poo, diferent day! Happy new year!
  5. Because we don't at enough blue stuff.
  6. Well I learnt something new for 2008 - cheers!
  7. Because they have'nt invented Compound V yet. :twisted:

    If anyone else is a big enough Geek to figure out what I'm talking about, you have my profound sympathy... :oops:
  8. Another bile salt - Urobilin

  9. Sorry to but in on your post LIMA but why is compo poo like plasticine?
  10. Hmm on the flip side Brown (as in the Gordon type) is a sh!te....

    Of course thats only the beginning of my verbal diatribe 8O you could of course insert any other insult as you see fit

    Oh and as its my first post of 2008 I hope its not a bag of the brown stuff for anyone - unless its being left at the doorstep of No 10 (on fire an option)
  11. You lot don't half talk shitt!
  12. Depends how unhealthy one is, IMHO. Last summer in the drunk tank at the John Radcliffe I had the urge, the mental tickle, if you like, to go to the bog and managed to make it to the middle of the open ward before projecting a high pressure green stream downwards onto the nice clean floor and onto a perfectly good pair of slippers.

    Green, rather than Broon.

    The more you try and contain the mess, the further it spreads, in handprints, mostly, and footprints as far as the bin, where my slippers ended their service.

    The guy in the bed opposite was too far gone to call for the nurse so developed the technique of shiiting the bed whenever he wanted attention.

    He'd get jealous if he saw somebody else with visitors and would shite the bed in order to feel a part of the general excitement.

    He's dead now. He never got any visitors because he had no NOK.