Why is my pay continually mucked up?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Spunky_chops, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. I am a seperated SNCO with kids (living with their mother), i currently live in a surplus quarter, however, i am currently paying accommodation charge for the house and single accommodation,
    food - married unaccompanied
    ciloct - single and married

    when i moved into the house my chief clerk changed my maristat to married unaccompaned, prior to that i was down as seperated.

    my current CC has attempted to stop these extra charges but they keep coming out of my pay.
    Does anyone know why and how to stop them permanently as its starting to piss me off.
  2. simple answer because under the current regime nobodies toes are ever held to the fire when pay goes t!ts up...make a formal complain...there is another thread in this forum that tells you how...and yes....my pay was fcuked this month too
  3. Would Crapita be invovled? I know they f+++ed my pay up on a number of ocassions, fortunatly the MPS has just sacked them.

  4. Pay seems to be a real issue of contempt at the moment.

    I am sorry to say that you have to find a dedicated and knowledgeable clerk otherwise all screaming and shouting is in vain!

    Often, I just have the feeling that they, the clerks, are so overworked, papertrail wise, that they don't have a scoobys!

    And then there is Glasgow! Thats a clusterfuerk if ever!
  5. the default answer for many pay clerks is "sorry, its glasgow"....put simply glasgow only react to the info given to them by units...therefore if a pay clk tells APC that a soldier is entitled LSSA he gets paid it...if its wrong, the internal audit at APC will then spot it and recoup the money....

    hence stock phrase "its glasgow's fault" invariably its not.....i've always found APC to be very helpful and competent, namely because its run by long-term civil servants who know their jobs, not 21yr old newly promoted jack-of-all-trade AGC clerks....who try their best....

    answer, yet again, put in a formal complaint....no amount of commenting on here will change things...if we all start placing formal complaints, even against RAOs/RAWOs the culture will change....

    on that note, i'm about to fire an email of to SO2 SPS regarding my pay error this month...i'm long past the stage of upsetting a few pax on the way...i've got a mortgage to pay
  6. goon_bde wrote

    easy fella some of them clerks have been in 2 or 3 years don't you know. i also have never had a problem when dealing direct with glasgow.