Why is my nephew treated this way

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by AstroChef, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. My nephew is a senior guardsman with the Scots Guards he is married with 2 year old little boy and he and his family are in married quarters in Catterick.
    He has just returned from Canada he was there from March 2009 to August 2009 (why so long?) when others came back much earlier.
    He has just been told that his annual leave has been cut short and that if he doesn't like it "Tough".
    In march they applied on medical grounds for his wife and child to be moved from a house that is damp, windows don't fit and quite a few other things wrong, to date they have heard nothing and when they try to see a welfare officer they are told no one is available or even that the office is closed.
    After 6 years of service two deployments in Iraq, not one single day off due to sickness and a positive affection for the army he has now reached the end of his patience and is gravely thinking of leaving the Army.
    What can we do about this terrible state of affairs and how can we get his CO to listen?
    Thanks in advance
    Astrochef, ex Combat Chef
  2. For a start take a deep breath!

    1. The correct way for him to address this is through his chain of command - he should request an interview via his platoon sergeant with his platoon commander carrying with him the evidence provided by the medical centre and times, dates, names, places and details of his conversation with the welfare/families officer. His Cof C should then be in a position to chase it up for him.

    2. In regards to Canada etc your nephew might not be telling you the full story! - he might have volunteered to stay on longer etc - in my experience young lads can be mongs! they don't always tell their mums/wifes/auntys the full version or report conversations correctly.

    3.Don't become a barrack room aunty! - just because you've served in the past does'nt mean you should be encouraging him to demand an interview with the colonel/MP without trying his C of C first.

    4. If he gets absolutely no help whatsever from his C of C then the padre/WRVS/SSAFA may be of help to him - but at least make him try the C of C first.
  3. Welcome to the site, AstroChef, and I am sorry that your nephew appears to be having problems.

    All units have a Unit Welfare Officer or Warrant Officer and it is to him that your nephew should speak first. I find it hard to believe that no-one is available.

    The Families' Officer is the expert on quarters and that issue should be directed to him.

    Your nephew can be recalled from leave if there is an urgent requirement but it is unusual. He should talk to the Admin Office and arrange for the leave he lost to be credited back to his leave account; he can then take the leave later.

    The BATUS issue is work-related and that is the responsibility of his Pl Comd. Your nephew should look to him for the reason(s).

    I will note that, as the issues that you have detailed appear to be affecting this lad quite deeply, and may impact on his work, he should be asking for an interview with his Pl Comd anyway. If the system isn't working, or the soldier is failing to engage with that system, it is the task of the Pl Comd to resolve the issues. Get the lad to talk to his Pl Comd.

  4. Headgear makes a good point; are you receiving the full story?

  5. In my day you had a hard time getting to stay in BATUS It was great for massive LOA, and 2 weeks off in every 6 a much sort after posting
  6. He stayed behind in Canada and has now lost leave? There is possibly something he isn't being completely honest about.

    As for the quarter, others have given good advice.
  7. As the Bn is on leave there still should be someone from the welfare side of things around/contactable. There is also a rear party so if it is urgent the OC of the rear party will be contactable.

    As for BATUS. If he was on the training staff, or had an important roll to play within the deployment, then more than likely he knew of this before he went and.
  8. If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined.

    Sounds like another whinging pad.

    Solution - tell him to terminate his Colour Service and in 12 months time he can become a civvy earning K30 without the inconvenience of working in Canada and elsewhere.
  9. and your point is?

    Did he go Adv Trg after Med Man, was he on one of the maint teams?

    Has he ever put a leave pass onto JPA

    how much ALA has he?

    Damp and ill fitting windows? Same with most Quarters, if he doesnt like it he can hire or buy
  10. Most whinging pads, only did the whing to there wives, they were always the ones who wanted to go to Hamberg at the endex rather than go home
  11. welcome to ARRSE astrochef. I know quite a few guys in the Bn have just got back from Canada as well, they have all done 20+ years. I would suggest that he may not be telling the full story to you. The LE families officer is a very approachable guy, a bit rough round the edges, and will call a spade a spade, but has a wealth of service experiance under his belt, so the problems regarding his MSQ should be directed to him. The Bn is racking up for a tour soon, therefore the pressure on everyone will be building. If he enjoys the life though, depending on what company he is in, again, all the CSMs that i know are approachable. He can always ask for a transfer to F Company, or even see what posting are coming up, ie RMAS, ATR, etc. Hope this helps, not trying to be negative, just i know how the Regt operates. Feel free to PM me.
  12. Thanks for all the replies, in Canada he was a safety wotits for the Dragoons. He is not normally one to winge, but I believe he is really on the wrong side of someone, however he is very good at just getting his head down and getting on with the job. It's just that I think all you serving lads and lassies should be treated very well when at home and be given as much support as possible. Still it will all come right in the end!
    Thanks again for all the replies

  13. I reckon he had a sly bit of extra R & R lol.
  14. Christ, tell him to Man the F@** up!!! Why do people still whinge about this sort of stuff. Its the Army ffs, not Marks & Spencers. If he can't hack it, tell him to PVR/sign off and try to get as well paid a job outside with such cheap subsidised housing.

    Some people just don't know when they are doing okay.