Why is most British Plod still gun-untrained?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Maalox, May 9, 2010.

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  1. All police forces around the world give all their officers at least basic training how to fire a shotgun or an automatic rifle. Except the British police, apart from special units like airport security.

    What % of UK police carry revolvers and MP5s on a regular basis? And what % have at least some form of revolver training?

    One would think it prudent that with a growing poulation, in this age of international and domestic terrorism, and possible domestic unrest and natural disasters, and with a big wadge of the UK military abroad, even though the thought of Bobbies toting SA80s (with iron sights!) is a total anthema to some, that a trained 2nd-tier armed force be instantly available with something heavier than 9mm.

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  3. Revolvers? you are obviously a firearms expert, I thought they had Glocks
  4. Simple answer IMO is that is the police feel the need to start packing heat then joe criminal will feel the need to and before you know it we have a society akin to our slack jawed brothers on the other side of the drink and lots more deaths resulting in a shoot 'em up over nothing more than a paper shop robbery.

    Personally I don't think half the law in this country deserve the right to wear the uniform and call themselves police let alone carry a firearm. It's bad enough having a bunch of overweight useless cunts on a power trip pretending to uphold the law without adding pistols to the equation.

    Tin hat on, trench dug, awaiting incomming.

  5. False, Irish cops arnt firearms trained, only detectives who are armed get the training
  6. Why, how many Brazilian's do you want shot in the tube? :twisted:
  7. Firearms training for police officers? The devil you say, sir! And what, pray, is wrong with an authoritative voice and a commanding presence?

    ..........anyway, sittingstress and some of the others from the Met will be along in a minute to put you bang to rights on that one, me ol' china.
  8. I think its dangerous giving them TAZERS
  9. A Brazilian? Fuck me, not that many.
  10. Is this what we want..!!..??

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  11. I think this US cop would agree with you.

    Cop Taser's Himself
  12. I still look back with fondness to the days when a friendly neighbourhood bobby would give a naughty teenager a clip 'round the ear, as he dragged him screaming to the gallows.
  13. Every UK Force has their own Tactical Firearms Units.

    Most of the large urban forces have ARVs on the go 24/7, whilst the remainder will deploy as and when they are required.

    Whilst Bunk is correct in that the Gardo Siochana are not routinely armed, their colleagues in the PSNI are the only UK Force which are.

    The deployment of tazers is now becoming more and more routine, with Strathclyde Police now arming all officers as opposed to only Firearms Trained.
  14. Because in the last 20 years Joe Criminal has started arming himself with telescopic batons, CS spray and tasers rather than bits of wood? Where are criminals going to get all these firearms from anyway? It's not like knives, they can't just pop down Wilkos and buy them out of their dole money.
  15. The British bobby simply has to shout “stop, in the name of the Queen of England!” and the mischief maker will know that the game’s up and come quietly.

    Doesn’t work with Johnny Foreigner, mind. That’s why they get slotted occasionally.