Why Is ITC Like The Island Of FIJI ???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Richie771, Apr 17, 2002.

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  1. Can we not get our recruiting act together.  How many unemployed in UK ????????

    Retention Guys......  

    Single Rooms ...Now...  Not 15 years time.
  2. :roll: Cant understand why you haven't had loads of replies on this one!

    I totally agree, we should be looking at why people are leaving and why we cant attract UK citizens into join us.

    as for my unit we have 9 Foreign clerks, most of whi cant understand basic english - how the hell they can be expected to do a decent job is beyond me :evil:
  3. UK unemployed don't want to join the Army

    Fijian unemployed do

    It is that simple

  4. You have got to be kidding me ?!?!? That is just farcical.
  5. Farcical or not, its true. I was out on the piss at the weekend with others from different units, they are in the same boat (one has only 7 clerks - 2 of which are foreign).

    Whats going to happen when all these bods decide its time to go home? Recruit South Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Well, you see, that is just it....we appear to be banking on the fact that most of them will not want to go home - in the short term at least. It works on the theory that most of these wallahs do not come several thousand miles at their own expense to join the Army only to fold the hand in 6 months after they have left Phase 2 training when they miss their Mummy and someone shouts at them. No, most of these boys (and girls) are grateful for the job, are sending £££s back to the family and are not intending to get out quick. Therefore retention and with it whole life costs improve - i.e. we don't have to recruit so many coz wastage is down.

    The theory would appear sound but, assuming that most that stay will, eventaully, reach the Sgts' Mess, you can assume that the nature of the WO and Sgt's Mess will be radically different in 10 - 12 years time. Good thing? Bad thing? We all may have a view but, in the interim, manning is on the up and we have a few more soldiers who are willing to graft and play a decent game of rugby.

    As to their literacy levels, surveys currently being carried out would indicate that the majority of squaddies are unlikely to pass the the minimum literacy levels for CLM training (GCSE Grade G or that equivalent to an 11 year old). In the meantime, a £ to a d. that they learn pretty fast! :wink:
  7. ...but I play rugby boss. :evil:
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I saw figures of 1600 Fijians now in the Army- we can soon have District Rugby tournaments that will only have Fijians playing. How many play for the Army now?- About 15?

    I agree with the Clerk statement, we had clerks who had trouble answering the phone- how they sorted out pay queries was beyond me!
  9. I hate to argue with you Rangiram but 8 out of 9 of my clerks have stated that there here for the short term to save money and go home (one has just been put on a 3 monther for inefficiency, one more will shortly follow!), the same goes for all units were I've spoken to mates, they've all got the same percentage of clerks and they've all stated there her for the short term!!!

    Bring on the Innuits next 8O
  10. I was having my tea in Browning Barracks the other day and on a table there was a gat just lying there without anyone around it. CSM saw it and took it to his table. I thought 'i bet it's a Fijian's'. Lo and behold little fijian boy comes in casually looking for his rifle with less urgency than if he was looking for his fags. CSM, a para, says to him 'looking for something?' and showed him the rifle. He comes over and hands it over to him and the man says 'if this is ever more than an arms length away from you, I will jump all over you'. The fijian nodded ok and left scot free.! He was on stag i.e. a trained soldier! And the old para was all that he had to say to him. In my days I would be wearing it round my neck after running around the compound with it at arms length and and...!
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Thats the New Army for you- why raise your own blood pressure, as you can't raise theirs. They would have blamed the WO for not training the bloke properly. Plus you can't give corrective training anymore as it infringes on their civil liberties!
  12. now zimbabwe has left the commonwealth. will zimbabweans be leaving the british army or will we still be recruiting them?
  13. ..I doubt it..
  14. What about areas of employment where communication is vital? For instance how can a Fijian with a limited grasp of English work as a tech where he may be required to explain a technical fault to his supervisors or colleagues?

    Its not going to work if he dont speak proper england.
  15. Let us not all fall into the trap of " Let's blame it on the Fijians or other Nationals"

    Although I sympathise and agree with the fact that it is our own Top Shelf and the PC thing that is mainly at fault, plus the fact that our recruiting tactics and dead bodies in Blackdown do not help us to get some raw British blood into the system, it must still be said that there are some very good Fijian and other nationals soldiers in the British Army.

    I for one knew a particular soldier in my last unit whose command of the English was better than some English soldiers. He was an Air Traffic Controller in Fijis main Airport before joining the Army. His comms skills were fantastic and he was a fine worker, respectful and as a "Good British Soldier" should be. He is probably not the only one.

    We are however our own worst enemies when it comes to other nationals. As a nation we are naturally arrogant to foreigners and this stems back from collonial times. You only have to look at Brits on holidays. How many do you know who go out of their way to learn another language when they think they do not need to? Not many. Even in the Army it is out of necesity. It is not an us and them thing. We are all soldiers whatever colour or nationality. The meeting point within is getting to know them and their culture first then get them to fall in line with ours.

    As stated before, it is partly because people at the highest command have yealded to PC and have sold the Army down the swannie, do we have such problems of lack of discipline. We have the MMR and the sooner OC's, CO's and Legal Branch use it correctly and do not let themselves be forced to use a PC card, then the sooner discipline in the ranks of the Army will be brought back into line. Be they English or an other Commonwealth national.