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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, Mar 21, 2002.

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  1. Why is it that as soon as it was annouced that 'Four Five' are en-route to Afganistan, the usual 'Loony Lefties' Tam Dalyell et all come out of the 'wood work' and start the usual cr ap about Vietnam. Why do they not accept that we are not 'Yanks', and therefore better at what we do!!

    I noticed 'Mr Potato Head' gives his support, all we have to do now is convince all the other Vegetables in the Commons to do the same!!!...............OK, I am off the Soap Box now!!
  2. I agree with you entirely. However the fever that affects the yanks is starting to take it toll over here. I heard the rumour that since we have a higher tech, then we can do it by remote control.

    For once i sympathise with the yanks in the hills, having to use the old shovel method of finding them.

    Good luck to our guys :D
  3. Well there's no arguing that the 'booties' are good at what they do and I'm sure that 45 and whoever follows them (not a hope of 3 months and out!) will do the job well.

    However, the Americans in charge is going to be one of the problems.  They've already said they need 45's mountain special skills. That gives them the excuse to sit back and use their superior technology to end the problem while others get close and dirty.

    Add that to the US forces record of 'blue on blue' and the chance is that we are going to loose some people on this deployment.

    There's no doubt that the US people will stay on the anti-terrorist bandwagon a lot longer if the body bags comming back from afganistan are not theirs.

    I hope I'm wrong.
  4. Can I just ask how long we are planning to be there for?  Not wanting to cite examples of Bosnia (10 yrs now) or Kosovo, as the only thing missing now from those two places is a M&S and an IKEA. (oh, and wives too).  By the way, I find it quite amusing that the Crabs are now roughing it in BLMF instead of hotels in Split/Zagreb!  Tee hee! ;D
  5. I have my doubts about the exercise - I strongly suspect that the US Army is pretty confident in its skills and that the 45 Cdo involvement is essentially political. I imagine the decision was made to send 45 at a national level, on the basis that they appeared best trained for whatever role is envisaged.

    I equally strongly suspect that we're now stuck in Afghanistan in the same way as we already are in Bosnia, Kosovo and Sierra Leone and the Australians are in East Timor.

    State-building is not rewarding and armies aren't usually terribly good at it - that said, they're a distinct inprovement on NGOs, the UN and the EU, all of which seem to be mechanisms for giving bright middle-class youngsters a nice gap year or for arranging somewhere to park an imbecile Third-World political leader's brother-in-law where he won't steal too much.
  6. Glad, you cynical old b**tard! How dare you say that about the EU and UN. Haven't you ever seen the fine job those IPTF lads do?

    Oh, you have?

    Good point then. They're s**t.
  7. BTW, I was on the IFOR advance party. "Six months and out"

    Yeah right.
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  8. I rember IFOR when they arrived in SJO chanting on about a 1 yr mission then bugging out - how we laughed!!!
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  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Why is it that this thread died, it had such potential @Joker62
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  10. It was shit. Quite possibly, and no-one wants to hear about the time we smuggled the padre away from a snowball fight with the GH.
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  11. FOURTEEN years!
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    And three months! But I found an older one by two months.
  13. Find the first post by Dale, and I'll send you an Iced Gem.
  14. BiscuitsAB

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    Technically it's this one, 31 July 2002.

    Whinge, whinge, whinge. Why not go and learn how to spell? Half of you are all over the place - and then you slag the clerks off?

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  15. Flashy was a MOD then, and deleted my posts as fast as I could type them. The dirty Chubb shaggng freak of nature.
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