why is it your always the last to know????

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BENNY2672, Aug 20, 2004.

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  1. in my trade i have been attached to many units why is it that you are always the last to know about excercises and functions in the regiment when you should really be the first to know? does any body know the answer??

    can anybody shed some light?
  2. X-Inf

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    Paranoia: n a form of mental disorder characterised by constant delusions, esp of grandeur, pride, persecution; intense (esp. irrational) fear or suspicion

    Maybe this will help :wink: :lol:
  3. You could try attending O Groups - that's usually a good way to find out what's going on.
  4. Attending O Groups is fine if invited!

    I have been attached to REME Workshops where the Stores Section WO i/c was away, and the Sergeant was not invited/informed. The OC & ASM knew for 14 days about a deployment, and gave the Workshop & Stores Section 48 hours notice.

    Chain of command should inform subordinate personnel on a need to know and/or ASAP basis.

    All the P's at its best or Information is Power :twisted:
  5. isnt this cack posted on daily orders, weekly orders and filtered down through your line sgts?

    perhaps its cos u are a crap chef and they were hoping you wre too busy to attend the opp so they could rely on the local chip shop? ;)


  6. No, not all short sub-unit deployments are posted on Part One Orders!
    And you do not always get to read other Squadrons Orders.
  7. Benny, ignore all of the above.

    It's because no fcker likes you.
  8. I was always of the opinion that a good soldier seeks and accepts responsibility as well as information. I'm sure there are those who are happy to wallow in their corners and bitch about not being told anything and shrugging shoulders/blaming others for their own ignorance.

    I've always found that making the odd enquiry every once in a while about upcoming events never does any harm - mind you, I also read orders regularly and attend all the O groups...

    Maybe I'm just cynical :?
  9. I suggest reading exercise orders/schenarios or looking at the forcast of events and then bugging the exercise OC for a Warning Order any officer worth his/their salt should issue a warning order and exercise order/schenario 8O 8O 8O
  10. All attached personnel suffer from these problems, get in get known get trusted! If that doesn't work tell them to involve you! If that doesn't work! BILL THE ARSE OF THEM UNTIL THEY UNDERSTAND! Onus is on you to make yourself approachable and part of their percieved Unit!

    Lot of exclamation remarks i know!