Why is it that .........................?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by walting_matilda, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. You always see a really thin soldier with a really fat wife?

    Answer the question then ask you own "why is it that?
  2. Possibly because opposites attract.

    Why is it men are so obsessed with girls taking it up the arrse?
  3. Because most squaddie chics have a cunt like a hippo yawning.
  4. Cos she eats all the fcking food and does no phys!!!
  5. Cause it's easier to part two fat cheeks then lift a fat belly and part the flaps apart :lol:

  6. Because its a throw over from the bird he shagged doon toon and couldnt get a posting quick enough to avoid whatever sprog fell out of its clack 9 months later.

    And of course weddin' a fat munter ensures no one will touch it whilst he is away on tour.
  7. Good possible answers. Don't forget to add your own question.

    Here is another,

    Why is it journos when doing pieces on the army never do proper research. ie. Get the name of the regiment/corps wrong or that recent times piece they called the young lad who died in Iraq a TA recruit etc etc
  8. Oh, I see how this works. I'll disappear from the thread as it is obviously yet another civvy dullfest thread aimed at other dullard civpop.
  9. Bugger, I didn't realise it was just for civvies.

  10. Threads like this are the equivalent of virtual 'tig'. Not for rufty tufty dealers of death.

    Crack on civpop......
  11. Is this site for ex regs too?

  12. Of course it is princess.
  13. Just checking...................
  14. Well, thats killed the thread.

    My work is done............................ :roll:
  15. I think that tou did dude.............. Well done