Why is Israel spying on the US?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, May 14, 2004.

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  1. It's all quite harmless, they are only looking for the best falafel recipe
  2. Because they can :wink:
  3. A number have turned up in Florida - because falafel rhymes with Florida?
  4. General quarters where were you between 1939 -1945?
    Why do you only own brown shirts ?
    Why do you think we would be intrested in your anti semetic rabid nazi
    conspricy theories ? :roll:
  5. Well GQ, it's all a conspiracy you see ....

    The lizard aliens (who David Icke spilled the beans on) are secretly manipulating an unholy alliance of the Jews, Masons, the royal families of Europe, Starbucks, the Girl Guides and Tesco to take over the world in the aftermath of an invasion from Atlantis, assisted by Hitler, Lord Lucan and Shergar who've been living inside the hollow moon.

    Alternatively you're full of crap and posting b@llocks. If there was a conspiracy it's doing really badly isn't it ? Try thinking for yourself for a change - remember, it's look at the facts and adjust opinions to fit, not the other way round. You sad w@nker. But then if I'm disagreeing with you then I'm part of the conspiracy - Oh no ! I've been taken over ...
  6. lizard aliens?.....nazis?....Mossad espionage activities within the United States?

    What exactly has any of this codswallop got to do with anything at all (here in the real world that is, not on the outer reaches of Planet Zongo where a certain person would appear to be transmitting from...)

    By all means continue though, as I am currently unable to locate my collector's edition of 'Zionist-Imperialist Almanac' by one Sy Kottik, and am therefore most anxious for an escape from reality.
  7. Roger.
    Here is an article from one of our "Nazi" conspiracy rags . . . http://abcnews.go.com/sections/2020/DailyNews/2020_whitevan_020621.html
    And of course we must not forget the ultra "Nazi" conspiratorist Rupert Murdock who's FOXy outlet spews total bollax: http://100777.com/node/view/180
  8. For the same reason that the US spies on Israel, Britain spies on France, Australia spies on Iceland... that's what states do to each other, no matter how friendly they are.
  9. And, when they pull off an exceptional attack, such as 911, they have folks there to record it.

    I do not consider Israel to be "freindly" to the US in re: the USS Liberty. From that perspective I completely understand why Israel is spying on the US. With respect to the US Israel is a leach at best.
  10. Generalquarters patched and pasted half the fcuking internet.

    What a waste of bandwidth. Why don't you just post a taster and link for long articles GQ? Readers can make up their own minds if they want to go there. Are we grown up enough to make up our own minds? I won't get into a discussion or debunk any of your claims/suspicions. You are an intellectual dwarf.

    But I will add my voice to the chorus of ARRSE members who think you are a KNOB!

    Probably SilsoeSid's alias!
  11. Just out of curiosity GQ, how many forums have you been kicked off to date?
  12. GQ

    Why are you spying on ARRSE?
  13. So which is it GQ you weirdo? Are you Elvis, alien or Boris? Or maybe Lynndie?
  14. Or just simply a cnut :D