Why is is so hard to find out about postings in advance???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Sausage_Dog, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. Probably a stupid question but I've never been in the situation where I had to wait and wait and wait just to find out where I'll be living for the next couple of years! My husband says he can't ask or find out yet (posting due in April 07) as it might cause him to be in the poop (why - I don't know). I might have to add that I am a German wife and do not have much to do with the army wives round here as it seems to be a pretty close ... eeeeehhh... :roll: "community" and I'm not into backstabbing and chatting all day ;-)! Who could I get in touch with to find out these things? I have a 10 months old daughter and want to go back to work a.s.a.p. but obviously there is no point in looking for (decent) employment as long as I don't know where I'll be going!!! Another question is: Can I change my housing option? We got put in this really horrible flat here and it is not just the flat itself but also a lot (not everyone!!!) of people around that are extremely loud and annoying! I think we have to put up with a lot as it is with our husbands being in the army so why can't we at least have a decent place to stay??? :evil:
  2. You should have posted this in RHQ.
  3. Hmmm... You're right! Can I still do that (being stooopid this morning!)? Being a full time mommy kills braincells :wink:

  4. Maybe the MOD might move it to the correct forum?.
  5. SD, why dont you just ring up your husbands CO (Commanding Officer) for a chat and let him know what you think? As for the housing, have a look around your quartering patch, identify a house you would like and then go to your SSO and tell him "I want that one". Of course, this could result in your husband being as popular as syphilis with his chain of command, but Im sure he wouldnt mind
  6. Ok, but do I have to make myself noticed in any way first? As in wearing a headscarf or something??? Well, I guess someone will feel sorry for a dozy German and give me an answer :lol: ! Thanks anyway! :wink:

  7. Can I just do that? I don't even know who my husband's CO is as he is keeping me away from all "army matters". But I'll try that. My husband has asked if we could have a (small) house when we first moved into army quarters but he got told to wind his neck in! So I don't really want to go and speak to them in case I make an arse out of myself! Or did my husband exaggerate a bit?

  8. SD, it was a sarcastic comment. Please dont go to his CO as you will drop him in a world of sh1t. As you are new to this game, it might be a bit difficult to pick up.

    1. Its 7 months before he is due posting. You will find out (probably) 2-3 months before he is due to move where you are going.

    2. When you start in quarters, you start at the bottom of the rung. As your hubby gets promoted etc you will move up in quarters.

    3. Wives bitch and moan and backstab as sure as night follows day. This will go on untill hell becomes the next best ski resort.
  9. There are essentially two considerations in giving out quarters.

    1. Your husband's rank and length of service.
    2. The size of your family.

    there is a third and that is if you have any large indoor pets such as a dog.

    As you mentioned kids, you may well be in line for a small house on your next posting but it will be dependent on what is available. Dont hold your breath. In order to increase your chances of somewhere nice to live, you could of course start an extensive breeding programme now as there is a ratio of children to bedrooms to which you are entitled.

    As for the posting about 3 months notice is, in my experience, normal but I have seen significant variation (I once got 6 weeks notice for a move from Germany to UK).
  10. Sorry off topic a wee bit

    Don't think that's the case any more Drain. Our first quarter in 1998 was a 4 bed house with WO's either side and he was a Sapper!!

    There was a discussion a while back on Officers housing but in all the posts the the following points were raised (my bold):

    OR housing is allocated according to family size, not rank. In exceptional cases (RSM/GSM) houses are alloacted to an appointment.

    Offr housing is by rank, but childless couples may be allocated houese below entitlement if there is a shortage of SFA.

    COs (even single /umarried) are entitled to SFA (usually type III).

    You may become eligible for a larger house as your children become older, especially if they are mixed sex, as the rules favour you. Read the JSP!

  11. not in my case they wanted my 16 year old lad to share with his 6 year old brother


    my 11 year old daughter to share with her 6 year old brother

    even had half-colonel on my side BUT to no avail, dhe would not budge.

    pushed me out of quarters & into buying my own property, BEST THING I EVER DID
  12. I tink the law is that if your child is over the age of 12 they must have a room to themselves regardless of the sex of their sibling. DHE often forgot that one
  13. Well, thanks for all your replies, I guess it would be best to rent (or buy) private as I really really REALLY can't be arsed with all the shit and I have no intention to have any more kids (they have stopped the iron cross for mothers of 6 over here after the war... for some reason.. hmmmm... *lol*) and my husband at the moment seems to be pretty stuck on his rank (LCpl). OR... I just get divorced and marry a rich old bastard!
    Cheers everyone!
    Sunny greetings from shithole BFPO 31 ;-)
  14. Trust me. The sooner you buy and get out of SFA the better. The relocation support and packages are also none too bad. Quite apart from the heartache of march-in/march-out/waiting for allocations…. Just think about how much you will save in spending on gardens every 2-3 years (it is true – you always leave a brilliant garden and inherit a council tip) and all those repair jobs that DHE/MHS forget and you end up doing yourself. It has taken me 26 years to see the light. Slow on the uptake!
  15. :idea:

    It seems that SFA allocation in Germany depends upon rank and compisition of family, however, SFA allocation in the UK depends soley on personal circumstances, number of kids etc, sex of kids as opposed to rank, good thing if you ask me.