Why is HQ LAND Anti ARRSE?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Seems that ARRESERs have ruffled the golden locks of a staff officer in LAND whose job it is to keep people informed. Apparently we only use Graffiti on here and are not taken seriously by the CoC. We should all apparently log on immediately to army Net and make our compliants or comments there, where they will be treated with the utmost seriousness!! Of course any actual ctritcism may make your phone ring!!

    I rather thought that arrse was doing rather well and that BAFF were now taking alead on serious issues that LAND found "difficult" to comment on (or even recognise).

    Does anyone have knowledge o this apparent missive from the Top!
  2. Although ARRSE most certainly has a place (or else my 2700-odd posts were pointless), I still think that ArmyNET should be used a hell of a lot more widely. A lot of people on here have a lot of very useful information to relay but it can often compromise one's position. I think more people should sign up for the ArmyNET sharepoint services, as there are some very useful sites on there.
  3. agreed poision thae advantage of army net ofcourse is that the fecking walts and jurons cant get their hands on most of it
  4. All sadly easily identifiable, and that is the issue.
  5. Sixty

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    I thought one could choose to post anonymously now on ArmyNet? Don't use it all that often so haven't checked but Andy P from there posted earlier on Arrse that this was the case.

    Edit: Yes one can.

  6. I recommend registering on ArmyNet if only so that you can send and receive email on all the MoD IT Systems, Tafmis, DII. I mean, only the Mod would spend millions and millions on an IT system and then block all the usefulness of it. Understand blocking porn and Ebay, but email is taking the psis
  7. Armynet is great for checking pay statements, it's great for military..general..info, but when you finish work, You want to not necessarily get away from your squaddie orientated muckers, but most definately want and need to get away from 'THE SYSTEM'

    You cannot do that on Armynet, no matter how much you fluff it up, it is L1A1 ARMY, NET. One for the use of.

    I can sit on here and get away from WORK, yet still be close enough to the squaddieness of it all to feel at ease with my surroundings IYSWIM. I can also chat to my predecessors who've left the Army, in the company of those still serving, which isnt impossible to do on ArmyNet, but is more awkward to achieve.
  8. But not anonymously to the admin staff of Armynet. IPs will show, as will no doubt other items of info. If youve got a guest (or yourself) who posts anonymously, causes trouble, Im pretty sure you'll feel the love.
    I'd try it but as NT cant log off computers properly in 'Stan, I think he should be voluntold to go try it.
  9. Ooh, a new word!

    Every time I log onto Armynet, no matter how many people I add to my "contacts", there is never anyone logged in. Where is the fun there?
  10. Fun, you want fun! OMG now they want to have fun!! Sorrybut Army Net is a tool that is functional as it is. It is not a means by which issues of concern can be discussed. As for the "anonymous" bit I think the name and number logon may be a bit constraining!!
  11. Your a sod Fatbadge, why have you given Snail a new word to play with. All she has been doing is writing VOLUNTOLD after most sentences in chat tonight, can you explain what it means now?

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a voluntold New Year mate. :D
  12. [antiwah]

    Voluntold: When a more senior rank or person asks for volunteers, then tells you you're doing it anyways... Volun..TOLD!

    [/antiwah ]
  13. Your not on New Years duties then Fatbadge ?

    Just trying to dig myself out of the previous voluntold statement :oops:

    Antiwah virus killer used.
  14. I don't use Armynet often, mainly due to not having found much of interest there. Where would I find these sharepoint things?

  15. The Adjt was on a course recently, and an SO3 from Armynet came and gave a presentation. And to his credit, it was very good - there are actually lots of useful bits on it, apart from the pay statement thing! I have educated the CSM on how to send text alerts to the Coy so they don't miss their dental appointments. He thinks its great - and do does the dentist!

    But I will never trust the forum thing - because some jumped up CO or SO1 somewhere will take offence at something and try and find out who posted something, whatever they say....