Why is Gordon Brown working for the UN when he is still an MP?

I saw a program with the numpty Brown spouting forth as the "special envoy for global education" in New York. Why is he not doing what we are paying him for, i.e. being the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath? Surely he should be forced to resign his seat if he wants to do this?
Gordon Brown takes UN job as unpaid education envoy in hope of following in Bill Clinton's footsteps | Mail Online
Mind you this made me laugh, Gordon Brown cancels a UN press conference after just one reporter turns up - Telegraph It shows what the Yanky press think of the useless prat!
Would that be special education?


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short answer - because he's a cnut.

longer answer - because he's a useless charisma-free cnut and this is the closest he can get to the quite spectacular gravy train being enjoyed by his cnut of a predecessor. he's thrown his toys out of the pram over here because no-one will agree with him as to what a genius he is and how he (in his own mind) was a PM to rank alongside Churchill, so he's gone abroad where his quite amazing unfitness to hold any kind of office isnt as universally known as it is over here.
Perhaps he'll do a Dorries and donate his MP's salary to one of the charities he was so fond of giving away our money to.

Yeah...OK I know.


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he should have done this instead of trying to be PM when he knew before he got there that he was out of his depth, he was out of his depth as chancellor so PM was totally in the deep end

he allways seemed to enjoy the kiddy and poverty stuff, give it a few years and the horror stories will start coming out.
Why pick on poor old Gordon? David Miliband Over the past few years he has undertaken lucrative private work as a business adviser, lecturer and speaker – reportedly earning hundreds of thousands of pounds last year – and has attracted some attention over his decision to set up a private company for these earnings and The South Shields MP has earned nearly £500,000 while having a poor record for speeches and voting in the House of Commons, his critics say.

Of the MPs in the North East and Cumbria Mr Miliband has attended the lowest amount of votes, 46%, and made just 15 parliamentary speeches in the past year.

At the same time his work outside parliament has seen him receive £75,000 as vice chairman of Sunderland FC for between 12 and 15 days work each year and more than £90,000 working for the US-based VantagePoint Cleantech Advisory Council.

I'm sure there are loads more who look on being an MP as a "hobby" or as a way of getting in on the sinecures offered by other organisations. Not even going to comment on a stupid cow who takes a month or so off from all parliamentary duties to appear on a stupid so-called reality show on TV.
Because time hangs heavy on an MP's hands, its not as if they do much governing in the UK, Brussels does the bulk of that. So why not polish up your CV? Perhaps his constituents will notice that the sun still rises and sets despite the ignoramus's absence, and vote accordingly next time, though I doubt it. Most safe seats are populated by idiots anyway.


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gordons dad probably had a lot to do with the charity thing, he is something to do with another one as well I think.

he might be unpaid but I bet he has a generous and screwable allowance package.
He's helped teenage lads out in the past. give the man a brake.
The worst Chancellor in history.

The worst Prime Minister in history; although the present incumbent is doing his best to wrest that title from him.

I described him as a 'psychotic, failed oaf and a social misfit' - that said, I do over praise from time to time. It is my Welsh tendency to exaggerate.

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