Why is flag not at half mast?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Poppy, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. I had a sudden thought walking past MOD Main Building tonight - is there a resaon the flag is not at half mast when the country has lost a serviceman/woman? Is it protocol of some sort?
  2. Because they'd have to spend cash employing an illegal immigrant to climb the stairs to repeat too often, and that would be a reminder of their own incompetence. :pissedoff: Besides, all the cash has been spent on £1000 chairs to make one's DPM's extra shiny on the arrse, and oak doors so no listeners can hear the latest aborrition of policy forming in some mandarin's mind.
  3. No, (over time, risk assessments) defence cuts, only those known personally to Politicians, the flag should be premenent ly at half mast until all our Guys and Girls come home safe and in one piece :pale:

    edited once for too much oh you know
  4. Was there a death today or was it yesterday?

    Half-mast is only flown for an Offr/OR on the day of the death and the day of the funeral.
  5. As much as I hate to politicise a poignant thought, in the current climate under Bliar, it would be going up and down like a whores knickers.

    Far too embarrassing for the Gov to actually show respect every time one of their employees was killed.

    RIP Booty.
  6. Oh oh thanks - just wondered
  7. I was under the belief that the Union Flag was only at half-mast for national mourning. Other flags are the responsibility of the owner ie regimental flags.
  8. See QRs. As STC says, Union Flag in mil establishments to half mast on day of death & funeral, subject to policy promulgated by MoD. I have no idea what MoD policy is for MB but imagine that it does not half mast for deaths of individual servicemen - in the same way as House of Commons & other Govt bldgs don't.

    To my mind, this is probably right - it would be a fairly meaningless gesture otherwise.
  9. As I walked past the guardroom a while ago, I noticed the Union Flag was at half-mast and decided to find out the reason. The Provost Sergeant silently slid the fax from the MOD across the desk to me, waited for me to read it, and then said something like "makes me fuckin' sick, Sir."

    I cannot remember whose death it was, but the person was, in both our views, absolutely unimportant. But the MOD obviously considered it important.

    It's a strange world!

  10. Believer it may have been one of the Saudi Royal Family; not that it counts for much, there are bloody hundreds of em' with their 20 brides!
  11. In this area when a local soldier was killed in Iraq the local council refused to fly the flag at half mast as this mark of respect was reserved for ex-council leaders/mayors (many of whom have served in Neue Arbeit Party or Limp Debs, not in UK forces) - Tößers :pissedoff: