Why is everyone now scriming helmets???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by THEY_STOOD_IN_THE_DOOR, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Noticed in Afghan earlier this year that alot of blokes from non-Airborne units has started to scrim their helmets, now in nearly every pic coming back and on the telly everyone has now satrted to scrim their helmets??

    As a Paratrooper I've always done this (since being told I could!) and on courses have had to justify why Airborne Soldiers do it and I've been told to take it of by some DS on some courses.

    So why now - has every one started to do it?????? It has always been an Airborne thing and I've not till recently seen any other units do it, so why has it suddenly changed??

    Don't want this to become Para's Vs Hats (which no doubt it will become) thread but truely want to know?

    Is it a case of allyness? Wanting to look like Para's? Do units find it better in the Green Zone? or is it just this yr's thing??
  2. No wah

    Why scrim a helmet?

    I know I should know but.........
  3. Maybe when on their belt buckles they would like the blend in ! If we wanted to be a para we'd shoot our self in the head first
  4. Could just be that imitation ....etc
    Its not a new thing though, we also used to do it before thenew fangled plastic helmet came out with the well fitting cover came out, so it could be going full circle, personally I reckon its the former.
  5. Or is this jus some sad Para willy waving contest?

    You think putting scrim on your helmet makes you look ally?

    Oh and look back at some old WWII pics-it wasn't just paras that did it.

    And my first tin lid in the TA was covered in scrim.
  6. so your saying it's for better camouflage??
  7. no willy waving (unless you wanta get yours out so we can all have a laugh??) - just honestly wanta know why it just started to happen in the last year.
    and I know every helmet came with a 'net' yrs ago - but in recent times it has only been Airborne Forces that have scrimmed them up.
  8. Why do Paras do it? If there is a logical reason for you to do it, then maybe there is a good reason for others to do it....

    Unless you only do it to look 'ally'.
  9. I asked one of our lads that was just home from Herrick (as i saw pics with the net/scrim on) He says its because the covers they were issued shine/Glow like buggery in the dark..thus the scrim thingy...no idea what he meant,
  10. cos allyness saves lives, :D
  11. Why things are seen......

  12. so true - so true!
  13. In my unit, you wouldn't dare wear a helmet without it being scrimed up. Fook all to do with being 'a Para thing'.
  14. Didn't you know that Paras hold the copyright on looking ally? Other units are expected to put belts over issued combat jackets, wear twisters in their combat trousers, roll their CS95 sleeves all the way up the arm, as opposed to just three quarters of the way, and shape their berets in a non trademarked manner.

    Don't argue with them though. Most of them have got degrees, don't you know. ;)
  15. though no doubt some blokes most proberly do it for 'allyness', I always thought it was for camouflage - though certain DS at SCBC think otherwise.

    And if this is why everyones now doing it - it does prove that 'allyness really does saves lives!

    And all thoses that have ever slagged off AB soldiers for doing this over the yrs - please now go outside and eat ya hat!