Why is celebrating Englishness considered racist?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Matematik, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Being proud of being English generally eqates to being a nasty racist in most peoples eyes. Both the English and British flags are regarded as racist banners that most people don't want to be associated with. Anyone who flies one from their house is generally considered to be a racist thug, or at the least a bit thick.

    English national identity has been discouraged to the point where the vast majority of English people couldn't tell you when St. George's Day is, let alone celebrate it or even have the first idea how to.

    People say the English "reserve" is why we are not patriotic, but historically we never used to be that shy. In fact, during the heyday of the empire it could be said the English people were flag-waving, nationalistic, jingoistic and arguably regarded themselves as something of a master race. Certainly not unpatriotic.

    This fear of celebrating English national identity is very much a modern development. Perhaps we are suffering from some sort of post-colonial guilt complex?
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  3. Post introduction of RoP Response
    Thanks for your opinion, do have a nice day.

    PS Please move to the hole
    PPS Is there an "English Ness Monster"?
    PPS Can you supply an extensive list of references to back your assertion as to a "flag-waving, nationalistic, jingoistic [People, who] arguably regarded themselves as something of a master race".
    PPPS If we have to be polite to you, we will require that you back up and reference your arguments with appropriate research and academic sources.
  4. I agree with all your sentiments, but I'm sure that if this thread goes on it will merely end up in a slanging match, and I think this type of thread has been done to death in the past
  5. hence "Hole!"

    We've all read this book before and this sockpuppet OP knows that.
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  6. Methinks the OP is rat cunning, hence he/she posted outside of the NAAFI bar, thereby avoiding a 'weapons loose' policy on their innane thread.
  7. I recommend that we be equally cunning by demanding that he back up his sweeping assertions and generalisations with solid evidence and scholarship.

    I would welcome a critique by the OP on the assertions made in the following text as they seem to be at odds with his own :
    Amazon.com: Being English: Narratives, Idioms, and Performances of National Identity from Coleridge to Trollope (9780791421017): Julian Wolfreys: Books

    As an alternative, he could draw a picture of a snow man.
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  8. Bollocks.
  9. posted to avoid tedious response.

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  10. I fly a St George's flag in my garden on a 5.5 metre pole. I am neither thick nor a racist thug, in fact I am married to a lady from foreign climes. I know when St George's Day is and those that don't could probably name all the members of Little Mix; it's just a sign of the times I am afraid.

    No post colonial guilt whatsoever and most of the former colonial countries I have been to are proud of their connection with the UK and consider it to be intregal to their current national identity.
  11. ...and furthermore am I upset that my beloved Leeds United were knocked out of the FA Cup last night by a frenchman? Not at all, that's just life.

    edited to add: French bastard!
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  12. Aaaah........my feral wonder, you've returned to the easel. How shall I put it a certain Je ne sais quoi I've missed your Joie de vivre.
  13. OP

    Having just had a look at your other posts, I am wondering if you are up to no good.

    Are you proud of being English? On your other posts you describe the Uk as being technologically backwards and a "nasty mean spririted country". who would be proud of this? Any more of this and i'm going to apply Godwin's law.

    I am actually proud of being British, and would do anything for the UK (except live there).

    I am proud of our inventions, systems of government and values like fair play, the rights and dignity of the individual and basic bloody decency. It has sfa to do with waving flags (which any moron can do) but it is about a belief in an ideal that has added enormous value to the human condition.

    There are a significant number of members on here who have risked our lives to preserve such ideals and our way of life.

    Remember "patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel".

    If you are pushing some kind of political agenda, please do not insult our intelligence by failing to disclose it up front.

    Remember, "there's nothing British about the BNP!"
  14. I see you have moved from a cubist phase, as exemplified by your nautical sea scapes, to more of a realist/impressionist perspective.

    I await your post modern phase with eager anticipation.
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