Why is BT so rubbish, they cant even answer a phone

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Oneshot, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. You would think that BT would enbrace new business, its how they make more money.

    But no.

    Havingtried to order a new BT line for a new house, and you can't get anybody to answer for lone nor money. And when they answer, they then put you on hold and cut you off. Or blame it all on the "transfer to a new system".

    Its a pain that the have such a monopoly hold!!!!!!

    Grrr. ANybody found any ways of getting better service?

  2. I have been with BT since April and have had nothing but trouble with them. I once hung on the phone for over 2 and a half hours trying to get someone to respond to the bloody complaint. Do what I do, email them and tell them that you are not paying a penny until they sort it out.
  3. You try ordering multiple lines on different sites owned by different companies, but under a contract in your name, but paid by the seperate companies.

    Much fun. They still haven't got it right, over a year later they still regulary send different invoices to different places.
  4. I however have been with BT for years, and had great service from them :)
  5. I have always found BT to be hassle free and when moving MQ's have had no problems with connections and billing. The numbers are also free phone so at least you dont get rip off charges like the other companies. Ive even moved to BT for broadband that way the likes of Orange and other internet companies always tried to put the blame on the BT line when it was there fault, this way one call gets it all sorted. Wont be moving away from BT and some of these supposed cheaper companies are a nightmare IMHO.
  6. I move house tomorrow and BT assure me that the transfer of my phone number and broadband will go smooth as. We'll see!!
  7. Compared to bloody Talk Talk the people at BT are brill, took me four hours on the phone to finally end my account with talk talk who put me straight through to BT, who took over the line instantly...im not moving again..
  8. Business issues aside, BT are generally good for personal use. I have the three in one sky package at home, which works over a BT line and i've had no problems.

  9. Had 3 weeks of no broadband.

    14 calls to BT BB support - 16 people in total

    Engineer appointments not made- by Support people- all in India and cannot sort out any question that is not a Yes or No answer
    Wrong timings given to me, lies and evasions
    And in the end? Yep it was the exchange.

    Wrote to the Chairman, CEO and complaints dept on the same day

    3 days later a reply from the Chairman- Thanks for letter/ will pass it on.
    To date- 4 weeks has now passed and nothing from the other two.

    When it works and no extra BT input is needed it's fine otherwise the service (ha!) is rubbish
  10. Remember, BT don't install the lines or maintain them any more, its all done by Openreach. If you have a line fault with BT tyhey should give you a fault number ie xx1xxx23 not sure how the BB faults go. If you haven't got a fault ref like the one above, they its not been passed through to Openreach.
  11. BT's fault checking service is in general, very good.
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer


    Recent call to BT regarding a broadband line down...

    Me. "Hello. Lovely 'hold' music. Greensleeves was it? Right, my Broadband is banjaxed"

    BT "Yes we are aware of the fault. Full details are posted on our website"

    Me. "Er, your website? And how the frock may I access that pray"

    Another time they told me it was a rural area so it would be sparrows on the line...

    Dont start me.
  13. Wasn't the Dheli call centre then..
  14. i wouldn't bank on it! i can't wait to change over to virgin, bt broadband is forever cutting out as soon as the wind blows the phone line, its crap!! anyway now i've had my rant which i didnt mean to do who knows of anyway that i can find one of my old mates? i dont have his no. anymore as my knob of a other half burnt all letters from him in a drunken state of jealous dickheadness but i have just heard a rumour that he's died and am trying to find out as i've got a nasty sick feeling that wont go until i know! anyone have any ideas please let me know!
  15. Case 1. My daughter gets bills from BT for a broadband connection which three, yes three, local BT engineers assure her she cannot get because of the distance from the exchange (01600 - Monmouth).

    The bills keep rolling in and legal action is being threatened by BT.

    On one occasion a BT engineer even spoke to BT to 'explain' the 'problem'. His aside that as his Hindi was not very good he was not confident he had got the message through.

    The bills keep rolling in.

    My son in law, a policeman, does not need to be put on a financial 'black-list' because BT cannot get their appalling act together.

    Case 2. Six lines, two seperate broadband connections, a 'hi-speed' service only' line, a fax-line. Not a complex small-business set-up, with 'communication' bills amounting to £18,000 ish per year (including mobiles) - does it work after 5 years? No. The charming and frustrated BT man trying to get it to work is now virtually one of the family.

    BT are a shambles and survive solely because they are a 'virtual' monopoly.