Why is Brown wearing a poppy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. He's wearing a poppy on PMQs. Most of the Labour bench are, although Bob Ainsworth hasn't even got that right.

    Is he taking a leaf out of the BNP's book? Using symbols for political respectability? Has Damien McBride told him to get one over the Tories by wearing one first? :evil:

    I thought it would have been an issue for the House as a whole, to show appropriate respect together at the appropriate time.
  2. Because there would be even more cause for people to have a go if he wasnt wearing one.
  3. The colour of the Poppy is the same as the colour of the blood on his murdering hands.

    No money for the forces but in the last weekalone :

    100 Million found for the Arts,

    An extra £25 per week found for illegal immigrants.

    100 Million found to help stop deforestation.

    Proof indeed that the underfunding of the forces is purely ideological and not down to economics.
  4. Tories AREN'T wearing poppies?
    Lib Dems AREN'T wearing poppies either?
    DUP? other parties? People in the street?

  5. is it symbolic of his solidarity with those in the opium trade?
  7. He's wearing a poppy, get used to it. If he wasn't he get it too. It's not an issue for anyone but the individual who wears one, I do wonder if he was just handed it with the words "wear this or the press will on you like a ton of bricks" rather than donate, maybe I'm just being mean spirited here.
  8. With regard to the PM, the answer might have something to do with this:

    PM recieves first poppy - RBL

    The official launch, AIUI, comes tomorrow.

    Whether or not the Labour MPs sporting their poppies have been urged to do so by a spin doctor (in a bid to make the Tories look 'uncaring') is a moot point, but whatever you think of the PM, I'd respectfully suggest that he's beyond criticism on this occasion (although I do hope that he placed a respectable amount of cash - folding variety - in the collection tin!).
  9. Maybe because if Cameron or any of the Tories started wearing theirs first the usual suspects would be going bonkers about him snubbing the armed forces/denigrating the memory of those that sacrificed and why isn't he wearing one like the others? Much like John Snow was excoriated for deciding to not wear a poppy when presenting the news last year. As for the House as a whole bit, does that mean that no MPs are allowed to wear a poppy this year until the Remembrance service, or is there an official start date that they're not allowed to wear them before.

    All this jumping on Brown and Labour for non-events is starting to get a little silly in my opinion. The man is a complete arrse with he and Labour having done - or failed to do - some incredibly bad things. Call him to account for those actions, trying to attack him over incidents like this is just silly and detracts from when you try to make serious criticisms of their actions.

    Edit: Typed way too slowly. :)

  10. Shouldn't you be off looking for a job?

    And as for Brown?

    Times has his number.

  11. Well said, i just hope everyone in this country follows his example and buys a poppy
  12. Deleted. Biff post
  13. Agreed. The bloke is a tool, but this site would be up in arms if he wasn't wearing a poppy. We need to stop diluting genuine issues - of which there are a great many - with petty, academic balls.
  14. Wonder if he claims his poppy donation back on expenses?
  15. Explanation below:


    Poppy sales start tomorrow.

    However the immediate action drill is to assume mendacity on their part...usually turns out to be the case based on the last 12 years.