Why is Britain Beautiful?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by PandaLOVE, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. There's a lot of negative vibes on ARRSE. We complain a lot. But this beautiful nation was worth fighting for 60 years ago.

    I remember running one winter's morning beside the River Ouse. The sun was low but shone bright through a low mist, the ground was frosted and glistened and crunched beneath my feet. The towpath meandered behind Brampton church, it's ancient graveyard and Samual Pepy's house, to Godmanchester meadow and beyond. At that moment I felt very English and very content.

    So forget politics and the missus for a minute. What makes Britain beautiful to you?
  2. I can't answer the question, but having recently taken a weeks holiday in the Lake District, i have to say it is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been to. It also beats the hassle of going abroad for a holiday, you are stressed before you get there!
  3. When I walk to the pub of an evening, I walk along the edge of a large hill, upon which my house is situated.

    As I look down I see half a dozen lakes, as well as a river and thick forests, all in the local nature reserve.

    As the sun goes down, it sets the landscape ablaze as the rays reflect off the lake in a mixture of purple and bronze and it makes me think 'Things here are pretty fecking ace'.

    It's usually topped off by some random stranger wishing me a good evening before I trundle away for a well-deserved pint.

    I try to take that walk a few times a week, just for the pick-me-up.
  4. Driving down the A303, Stonehenge lit up by a setting sun, fantastic. Also riding through Sussex, came to a nice little tea shop and a village square with a green. Sat down for tea and scones and was just in time for the local village cricket match, perfect day perfect setting.
  5. The Palaces...
    The Castles...
    Any of the National Parks...

    ...and the endearing spirit of the people on this Emerald Isle...
  6. Living as I do in the garden of England, there are far too many particular examples of how Britain is beautiful to list; as to why, well, it's Great Britain.
  7. cobwebs on the grass in the woods on a dew laden morning
  8. Chaps,

    I do believe this thread is even less malevolent than the infamous "Hello" thread....

    I'm picturing lords, the ashes about to be won and a jolly fine cup of tea on the go... with a nicely decrusted cuke sarnie in tow ...and wait... I can hear the almost imperceptible yet unmistakeable sound of the National Anthem over the tannoy...

    It's almost like VE day again....I can feel the Churchillian spirit rising... a sense of destiny and purpose all roled into one.... and wait...yes...proud to be British again.... Proud I Tell You !

    somebody get me a union Jack....

  9. Quick! Kill it! Kill it now!!!
  10. M25 at 0300 no cars - better than sex
  11. If you travel 20 or so miles, the scenery changes. If the scenery doesn't change much, like in East Anglia, the architecture does. We have so much variety. I always feel a bit sorry for all the poor buggers that weren't born here and don't have it in their blood.
  12. When you are away from it you miss it. I'm coming home after Christmas to stay.

    God bless all those poor souls who died to secure our freedom. I am indebted your sacrifices for my freedom.
  13. Just stay away from the Chavs, asylum seekers, terrorists and all the other nasty people in the country and yea its a pretty nice place to live. Mind you I have often said France would be a nice country if it werent for the French...
  14. It is the understatedness, underplayed, undramatic, uncelebratedness of it all. We get on, no fuss, no bother, our little indiscretions tut tutted.

    It is our underlying shyness, our reserve, that tortures us at times; holds us back from imposing.

    Saying 'sorry' to those that do us harm.

    It is the porcelain skinned English roses, rosy cheeked on an autumn evening.

    It is driving across East Anglia, or standing on the Sussex Downs, trees casting long shadows, with wispy clouds, and Elgar's Nimrod or Sospiri in the background.

    It is endless mugs of tea.
  15. BoomShackerLacker mentioned it too Passed-over Loggie. East Anglia. Long Melford, Cavendish, Clare, Lavenham to name but a few. Suffolk Pink says it all. I could drive through East Anglia for hours and never become bored with the view.