Why is ARRSE so serious now?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flashman07, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. A quick one off the wrist....cheers buddy.

    He's hot ;)

    I wonder if they make children sized ones?
  2. Don't even know where to start. Must be an old sapper with all those blocks and tackle (fnar) there.
  3. HAHAHA im not sure if its impressive or pathetic?? very realistic tho?...who knows,one day my rage might explode and the missus might go missing?so one of them gadgets could make a decent temporary replacement....shame the fuckin thing cant cook!
  4. Because I said so.
  5. eh? Have you resorted to posting random sentences??
  6. Why you hanging about in the NAAFI sluggy? Don't you realise that there are people posting asking about pay days this month? I (helpfully) directed one or two in your direction, hope you can help, no need for thanks. :)
  7. When IS pay day?
  8. I never ever thought anyone could make sex seem dull. It's not actually a doll, it's a real woman pertified through boredom.
  9. I'm on the biff shithouse, so shut it in the quiet seats.

    I don't do pay anyway dickhead, I make tea and "take messages" when not organising Battlefield Tours.

    The naafi scares me as well, there are boys in there. Ewww.
  10. Not sure, but stay away from Starbucks. :)
  11. Suckey uppy
  12. you best believe it :)
  13. I'll kill you last....................
  14. I've already been paid