Why is a Sinn Fein c*nt...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TwentyBandH, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Why is a Sinn Fein c*nt, KevinB being protected by the MOD's again ?
  2. Good question, I give it 15 minutes before the thought police stop ligitimate questioning of the cnuts motives for posting anything are deleted and a New York minute before this thread is pulled too!
  3. Freedom of speech?

    Edited for shit spelling.
  4. KevinB has helped people try and kill British Soldiers yet is protected here !!!!!
  5. But only for him, not for the rest of us who question him on his rational for posting something vis a vis his admited tin ratling for NORAID, you know, those good people int he US of A who paid the money that bought the bullets and bombs that killed our friends and colleagues...
  6. try speech not speach.

    kevinb should be given the same amount of freedom that his mates gave all the soldiers, and unarmed men, women and children killed by the IRA filth got, which is none.
  7. If you consider him to be a twat don't respond to him. I couldn't see him doing any tin rattling in the thread you are refering to, he was talking about a book. If it's a shit book don't read it.
  8. Sorry Officer Dibble of the internet spelling police. I think you should count to ten and try not to get so upset about things.
  9. you try counting to twenty and then let us all know why you support an IRA c*nt ?
  10. Sorry? How am I supporting him exactly?
  11. Oh, I see, my bad, I forgot that just because he isn't tin rattling now he's a diamond gezza that shouldn't come with a health warning for being a provo loving piece of human filth! Glad you sorted me out on that point (you) Spaz...
  12. You don't know... you're an even thicker c*nt than I thought, anyway now I know you're a twat I won't bother with your posts.
  13. TwentyBandH are you the old violent badger? You remind me of him.
  14. I love it when you talk dirty
  15. No not at all, I havn't given my opinion of the man I don't know him nor am I that bothered about him that I'm going to go reading through all his posts to find out what the problem was.

    I'm just getting the broken record effect from all you outraged old cunts who are now busy trying to shoot me down for not agreeing with you wholeheartedly and jumping on the bandwagon.