Why is a Nuclear Iran so bad?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chumpycheeks, May 16, 2007.

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  1. I think it's because they have shown blatant disregard for all international norms of environmental care. The Iranians have a third world oil extraction regime, that floods toxic PCBs into the environment. Look at their record on chemical warfare - they regard the environment as a sort of toybox for their military to experiment with.

    FFS, they have been responsible for more deaths in the region from cancer than have died as a result of armed conflict in the last decade (don't believe me?
    Link here if you need the full details: Iranian deaths because of their casual attitude to industrial safety)

    So, given that a first world power like Russia could contaminate Welsh sheep with Chernobyl, we obviously cannot let this bunch of medieval peasants loose with the elemental power that drives our sun. I suspect that American rhetoric reflects the Bush administration's growing environmental awareness.
  2. you're kidding right?
  3. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Classic post, for the first time I can see someone's point on the problems of a nuclear Iran; just don't think that this has anything to do with Bush's desire for the world (read as the US) to lessen its ecological footprint, he's about to convince the developing world to turn food into fuel for US 4X4s...

    I think President Dinnerjacket has competition in provocative humour :wink:
  4. Why? Scientific evidence does not lie. these people would poison the ground water that we will all have to live on when the inevitable results of global warming come home to roost...
  5. I knew it had to be a wind up.
  6. You won't be saying that when your children's lips blister as they swig poisoned water in a desperate attempt to stave off dehydration and death. These people would march their own children across minefields in order to make a point.
  7. I'd prefer the lip blisters to them melting because of a thermonuclear war between to countries run by foolish leaders and inhabited by the most thick headed cnuts ever known to man.
  8. Their lips wouldn't melt in a thermonuclear war between Iran and Israel - stands to reason - you'd have taught them to 'duck and cover', so at the worst they'd get a bad case of sunburned buttocks. In any case, I suspect you'd have time to get them out of the middle east before the conflagration erupted. I'm not actually sure that Ahmenadijean is that thick headed - he seems to have a remarkable innate grasp of propaganda operations.
  9. Seems to boil down to having an unstable form of energy - nuclear fission - under the imperfect control of an equally unstable, volatile regime.

    Not the stuff of which dreamless sleep is made . . . . .
  10. It seems to me you have a good argument for a nuclear Iran. After all, it is a clean energy source, right? That's what we are told here in American by the cabal of power companies. And the only supposed scientific evidence which does not lie seems to conclude the increase of iodine intake is the reason for the rise in particular types of cancer mentioned.

  11. A nuclear Iran will make life very - exciting I think. How many countries would convert to Islam to avoid being nuked ? Quite a few I suspect.
  12. Sir, Soviet union had (and Russia still has) a lot of nukes. But it didn't help to 'convert' capitalist countries to communist 'faith'.

    The best way (and likely the only) to solve the problem would be restoration of diplomatic relations between USA and Iran. Big american investments in the country would make developing of nuclear weapons in Iran senseless.

    Btw, what would you do on the place of responsible Iranian decision makers? You would continue nuclear program.
  13. and I suspect you posted that with your tongue firmly in your cheek.

    of course we all know DU is perfectly safe, which is why iraq is now the worlds largest; and only, open air low level waste repository.
  14. It appears your opinion of their "inhumanity" is correct, like us they also possess an army, (which on occasion has faced forces deploying landmines).
  15. I thought this thread was about Iran, not Israel?