Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shootingchef388, May 3, 2006.

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  1. OK guys have read some of the sport had at 5.56 expense!!!!!!

    So vent your spleen here and tell us all why he is such an annoying little TW*T.
  2. Perhaps the naffi bar is more appropriate for people bashing
  3. He Is'nt. he is just a kid who does'nt know when to stop. :roll:

    Harmless really :wink: .
  4. Oh, I dunno - some of his posts have started some quite ammusing too and fro's............

    He's just a kid and should be treated as such (and no thats not locked in a cupboard covered in fag burns!). Viewed with the level of respect/attention his posts deserve though, they do take up alot of the space on here for not a lot of useable info, so on the other hand he might need to knob off.........

    BS (who is in a quite surprisingly good mood today....)
  5. Hes harmless and he makes I larf
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Leave him alone. Take it to the NAAFI if you must attack him but not in here.

    Big nasty man.
  7. He is just a nipper - back off.

    Just because you cant remember that far back.

    Think about it - he is a "whats that for" kid but with the whole internet to ask these days.

    In 10 years he could be one of the old n bold of ARRSE history.

    Or we could have just filled him in at a Crawl (when he is old enough to drink)

    5.56 - if you are reading this..... take heed and wind it in a little. Nothing wrong with being keen but dont take the biscuit.

  8. Can we now get this useless thread locked and sent off to the arrse hole?

  9. What sort of adult starts a thread attacking a fourteen year old kid? Would you like it if a grown adult started an "anti" thread, against your fourteen year old son?

    If you read a few more threads, you will find that 5.56 is actually quite a popular little chap.

    Edited to say - you can delete your own threads, which is what I suggest you do.
  10. We were all that young & stupid once, just we didn't have this to prove it!
  11. Leave the boy alone - he's harmless. A little naïve maybe - but who's he hurting. If you don't like his threads there is a simple answer - don't read the bl00dy things!
  12. I don't mind him :)
  13. Hardly surprising - you're both boring fcuking tossers.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    He's the new ARRSE mascot (he got woody32 urined off so much he took a strop & left!) AND he's got his own entry in wikki.