Why, in this age of technology, do we have these problems?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ishinryu, May 23, 2007.

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  1. I have just received my first JPA pay statement stating that I have £507.03 migrated public debt.

    I recently moved from NI to London and before that from Germany to NI, before that from UK to Germany. My posting come around every two years. Every time I move my pay gets screwed up with over payments and quarter charges. My March pay statement had extra charges backdated to Aug 05. It is taking on average 5-6 months to get my pay sorted out and not have chunks taken out of it. My question is Why, even when I sit with the RAO staff and say "STOP MY NI PAY/LOA/QUARTER CHARGES!" does it then take 2 months for the stoppage come into effect?

    In addition why does it then take another two months for those changes to be rectified in my pay? The Mar 07 pay statement deducted the NI pay off my wages (fair enough) and then went and put it back on again as an TX OVERISSUE.

    As I now have a mini-ishinryu, I am trying to budget for my family, being the sole earner, and I am constantly having sginifcant chunks taken out of my wages because of other people ineptitude and administrative f*ckups!

    I know there may be people out there who will say that I should have looked at my pay statement, but unless you are a Pay clerk, half the entries are double-dutch. In addition to that, when I moved, trying to get military mail to follow is a bit too hard for my previous units.

    Could anyone please explain why it takes so long for these relatively minor changes, but that have rather annoyingly large effects, to be implemented?


  2. The cut over period to JPA happended about Jan/Feb 07 well before Mar/Apr JPA went live for the admin staff, and all actions relating to pay matters (or the vast majority of them) had to be put on spread sheets and sent off for Glasgow to action. Annoying for everyone. This has caused a delay.

    Further to your questions about qtr charges, as I understand it under JPA the Housing Office is meant to be to put your start stop charges on to the system immediately - but I know that they are not doing this in Germany its landed on the clerks desks - I have seen the heaps of paper they have generated with an obvious backlog of debit charges. The admin staff did not know they were going to do this job until last minute dot com, but they have taken it on.

    Under the old system one of the biggest problems for qtr charges was that all the paperwork was sent to Glasgow via your Unit, i.e. if you moved into a qtr in Germany the start of those charges would not commence until the stop chrages bit of paper had been sent by the housing office from your previous unit. Often the stop bit of paper was not sent or it was received after the start of your new charges and thefore paper was sent in every direction except the right one and as a result huge delays.

    I agree that it is pretty pathetic that something this simple could go wrong so often and as you say cause so much agro for families .

    I think that once the teething problems with JPA are sorted all of us wont look back. There is now no need to send things about your pay via a transmission (e-mail) as was the case under UNICOM, which often got lost or dropped off. The changes put on by the staff at unit level can be seen virtually at the same time by Glasgow and all charges, costs, refunds etc are done at the time action is taken by your clerks its automatic.

    On the point about your pay statement - if its double dutch - why not ask your Coy/Sqn clerk or CSM/SSM to get a briefing for the guys - thats what they are there for - to help. If you cannot understand your paystatement now, before you get onto JPA - you will certainly have problems when you go to self service. There are posters on all boards - or there should be that explains the new statement. In order to budget - you have to understand what you are being paid, this is your responsibility not your admin staff. If you have a basic skills issue - and would like help with reading or math - why not contact the AEC they have free courses.

    Re your mail - did you book out via the post room and leave a forwarding address?, and have you put re-direction of mail via the postal services - if you have claimed disturbance allowance why not use some of the money for that - thats what its there for.
  3. Hey dude do not give a guy a hard time about not understanding a pay statement for god sake. You chaps in the pay office have kept your little pay quirks to yourself for years so no f*ck knows what you are on about. I have had more briefs about JPA than soft mick but still haven't had anyone explain what all the new acronyms are now add that to the fact you have changed all the frickin names. Bingo top secret part fricking 2.
    I laugh at the poor bug*ers who have sausage fingers, dyslexic (might be spelled right) or can not read still.

  4. Thank you for your explanation, Bad to the Bone. Quite comprehensive. Whilst I had briefings up to the Ying-Yang in Northern Ireland, they just explained the new allowances system and how JPA was going to be rolled out. Nothing about the new acronyms, sadly. Even when I did go and ask the pay clerks here in MOD, they couldn't explain some of the old ones let alone the new ones. As stated, by the previous poster, each job has their own acronyms, which unless you a have need to use them regularly, you are unlikely to know them.

    Whenever I have left a posting, I have had to clear from the camp. This has always included booking out of the post room and through the unit admin office. Unfortunately we are relying on other people who, more often than not, treat the re-direction of mail as a very low priority.

    PLUS FYI, I am a Sergeant in the Intelligence Corp and my wife is a Maths teacher with an 2.1 Honours Degree in Mathmatics and between us, going back 3 years worth of pay statements, we can't fathom out how the Army has managed to reach this figure for the charges. If we are having problems, imagine what it would be like for someone who does not benefit from further and higher education.

    In addition to this, the Army took £507.03 out of my pay in one lump sum. Now, regulations (as laid down JSP 754 Ed 5, Chapter 2 Section 6 Para. 02.0606, sub para b.) state that only 4 days gross pay can be deducted in one pay period without my approval to take more. 4 Days Gross Pay for me is £362.46, and that includes London RRA. I think that JPA needs a little more tweaking as a lot more people's pay is going to get screwed up.

    The thing is this, these problems have occured before and therefore cannot be put down to the problems with the transition to JPA. It is more down to institutional problems with the pay system

    I can only hope and pray that JPA will be a good as you say, and this will be the end of my problems on posting. Cynically, I believe that in 18 months when I am posted away from London, there will be months of problems with my pay when the system reclaims over payments of my London RRA.