Why I wont be having an ID card

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jun 26, 2005.

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  1. I certainly won't be carrying one, regardless of the sanctions imposed. If enough people refuse, in a mass act of civil disobedience, then the system will fail.


  2. Aye, but it ain't going to happen. Even t' Unions aren't going to have it: T' Grauniad.

    And in one of the more laughably transparent made-up quotes from this corner of the Press; "One source close to Clarke said: 'We accept that if it is going to be a massively expensive scheme that won't work, we won't bring it in.' "
  3. Does anyone happen to know if we (i.e. the serving members of HMF) will need one of these new-fangled ID cards, given that our ID cards are proof of identity already?

    Can we expect a 'Forces Only' version to come out? Or will we start having to carry enormous suitcases around with us wherever we go, stuffed to bursting with various means of establishing 'who we are'?
  4. What's the point in having id cards if they're going to sell our personnel details to companies? Sigh.....
  5. Sod this, i get enough spam through not only the snail mail, but also via email, and even though my phone number is x directory, i still get phone calls from company's doing surveys! Last one who rang me got a right gob full of abuse from me.

    Why oh why should personal details be sold off, be given to the Yanks coz they asked for it, etc... i might as well put all my details on the net including my credit card numbers and just say help yourselves,

    if you want to make it law to have a ID card i want it so my details are secure, or you can poke it, i refuse to get one!
  6. The point is to identify you...... :roll:
  7. Why should I need to be identified?

    I can be invited to accompany the police for questioning, with the right to leave at any time. I can be arrested on suspicion of committing an offence and detained for questioning. I can be detained for extended periods if permission is granted, or charged and either released on bail or remanded in custody. How will access to biometric data make this process easier?

    It is likely that the card is aimed at the 5% (a guess) who are serious criminals or suspected terrorists. These 5% will probably circumvent the process in any case, through policing failures (such as the murderer who was released because there was no interpeter), through fraudulent cards or identities or exploitation of system failures, or through corruption (the Customs officer sent down for running a drugs ring).

    Why should 95% of the population suffer under an unwieldy and intrusive system that will see their personal details shared with the commercial sector in an attempt to cut costs. What happens if the system failures lead to innocent people being persecuted? Even a rate of 1% would criminalise over half-a-million people. The pensioner Derek Bond was locked up for 3 weeks at the behest of the FBI, who got the wrong man.

    I won't be co-operating with this ludicrous system and if enough of us defy the scheme (and any fines imposed) and tie up the process in legal challenges, it will be rendered unworkable. The police and home office should be catching real criminals, not intruding upon the lives of 95% of Brits.
  8. I was answering the very direct question posed by tsar_nikolas, "whats the point of id cards if they are going to sell the data" - how can selling the data make the card pointless.

    I do not agree with the cards and fully appreciate what you are saying. crack on.
  9. Sorry, rant over!

  10. So..........

    Assuming this goes through, what comes next?

    Star of David sewn on peoples jackets? Or a Crescent for our Muslims? Or how about we introduce HM State Security Police?

    It's all just a VERY gradual dimunition of our way of life, to be reduced into some sort of mulch type ersatz uber-PC nanny state. That CNUT Bliar wants to reshape this nation into his own image.

    What a shame John Smith passed on - he had the credibility, dignity and integrity this nepotistic Chav tosser, who we had the lack of foresight to vote in, lacks in abundance.
  11. And a fat lot of good it'll do. The Madrid bombers had legitimate ID cards. Every criminal with more than two brain cells will use the system, not be cowed by it.
  12. I'll grudgingly accept one if given one, but I'll refuse to pay a penny for it
  13. I walked 500m down the road yesterday to buy some milk and a paper. I took some money but not a wallet, hence I would have forgotten my ID card if we had them. If they come in then I would have been committing an offence. There would be no excuse, no mitigation - I would be out of my house without a card. If a policeman or some new ersatz New Labour crime fighting operative asked me for my ID then I can be prosecuted. That is wrong. If freedom means anything it lets me wander down the shops with a fiver and nothing else without criminalising me.

    And don't give me that "they won't prosecute" nonsense - I've committed an absolute offence, all it takes is one idiot with an arrest target to meet and I'm charged. With no defence because of the nature of the offence. This is wrong, and I won't be having one.
  14. Eh... Regardless of whether or not you pay at source, i.e. pay an "ID Card bill", you as a taxpayer will pay for it. Only question is which bill it goes on.

    So...just to reiterate I shan't be having one :D
  15. Put me down for not having one too.