Why I support the Labour Party........

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plastic Yank, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. First of all, I don't, but I thought, having read a number of interesting (and in my view delusional) posts from certain Labour supporting members on this site, I thinks to meself, "how can these people STILL support this party?" And lets face it, the polls just don’t seem right!!

    My knee jerk reaction is benefit sponging wasters or government employed non-jobsworth. But perhaps I am being unfair. And surely there can't be that many champaign socialists still out there???

    Is it their understanding of market forces and their handling of the ecomony?

    the tackling of crime and the causes of crime?

    the saving of the NHS?

    the world class education system we now have?

    their unflinching support of our Armed Forces?

    British jobs for British workers?

    So I am genuinely interested, why do you support the Labour Party? :? :?
  2. Go on, then! I'll answer. Firstly, although I don't currently work, I do not get benefits. I scrape by on a tiny occupational pension, dipping into what remains of my lump sum, which I hope might last until I get a State Pension in 7 years time.

    I want to see socialism. I'm not that keen on New Labour. My understanding of the current economic situation and policies is abyssmal. I live in a marginal seat - it's a two-horse-race between Labour and Tory. I loathe Tories, and the candidate here is an aristocratic landowner. I've met Jim Knight (the Labour chap) a few times. He seems pleasant enough. So I'll vote Labour. I'm joining the local socialist group in a few days. They might suggest it's best to vote Tory? ....... increase the unrest of the proletariat? hasten the revolution? .... come the glorious day etc. Unless that's the case, I'll vote Labour.
  3. Derrr I'm voting Laybore 'cos I'm stoopid hur hur
  4. Anyone who wants to see real Socialism should have visited any of the Soviet satellite countries during the 1960's. Horrifying!
  5. Hey..you seem a good sort, why flagelate yourself in this country...Cuba is the place to be..Socialist, great climate, fab music, full of fit looking guys/gals that'll do anything for 10USD, vibrant, ggod health system..even with your miserable pension/savings and future worthless state pension/worthless pound you'll be a princess amongst paupers...remember its your last shot...'n' if that sounds too wild you could try N. Korea...but make sure you can recieve the odd Tuck/Red Cross parcel...all the best
  6. ok, first of all, you are obviously a believer and stand by your beliefs, so I will not dispute or riducule that (unlike Bugsy, who as a true believer is still happy to live in a tax haven).

    I do take issue though with the fact that your aristocratic landowner is unable to represent you properly or your issues. Is it because he is an aristocrat (you know, like Benn) or because he is a tory?

    If it is because he is a tory (which I assume) then, your voting labour, because you have to, not for any logical reason.
  7. Nice to see that the reason for not voting tory is because of the old "class" system, and that people have can still retain such big chips on their shoulder.

    Well let me see, who are the toffs really? Lets just have a look at Labour Millionaires and Landowners.....

    Shaun Woodward?
    Quentin Davies
    Wedgewood Benn (in fairess he did give up his Heriditary Peerage)
    Hilary Benn
    Lord Sainsbury
    Geoffrey Robinson
    Miliband Ed and David
    Lord Alan Sugar
    Lord Paul

    To name just a few.......
  8. Our British ancestors fought for better conditions than they had in order to hand a better country and better quality of life to their children and grandchildren.

    We inherited that land and surely we have a similar duty to our children and grandchildren?

    As things stand those that come after us will inherit a country which belongs to no one and everyone. Whatever the New-Labour elite try to socially engineer, a truly multiracial, multicultural society, it is doomed to failure.

    The reason for failure is the human condition of tribalism. You all know tribalism; it is that sense of belonging. Those in 1 Battalion Rifles consider they are much better than those in the 2nd Battalion. Troopers in The Parachute Regiment think that 9 Airborne Sqn. RE are only 'plastic-paras' and so on. It is natural and to some extent a good thing. There are not many that think..."We are all servicemen and therefore we are all equal." You only have to read the postings on Arrse to see this phenomenon. Teeth arms against Support arms etc. This doesn't mean that we, in which ever group we are, deliberately go out of our way to do harm to those of other groups, UNLESS we find ourselves in such dire situations that our survival is threatened. Under such circumstances we will kill others in order for our group to survive.

    This multicultural experiment has produced an Island with opposing factions in it. At the moment it is at relative peace as each group (Community if you prefer) have access to the necessaties of life and one group dominates. But if that should change, if food becomes scarce or an opposing group decides it wants to dominate, we will all revert to tribalism in the true sense and deadly chaos will be the result. Demographics tell us the status will change in thirty to fifty years.

    I have no wish to burden my grand or great grandchildren with such a land and therefore I will vote for whoever will try to put a halt to a factionalised Great Britain while we still have a chance of success. After all I have a duty to hand over the Sceptered Isle I inherited.
  9. I can't believe anyone is still supporting Labour either, and I think the polls have got it wrong again.

    I think the problem is as follows:

    Do you hate Labour? Yes

    Do you like the Tories? - Not much.

    I think it is a big ask these days to expect someone to actually feel warm and fuzzy towards any political party, so there is a huge imbalance in the numbers, being anti Labour does not mean being particularly pro anyone else.

    But come elections I think the Brits, who have never really been over impressed with politicians anyway, always vote in a negative way, ie to kick out the incumbent rather than in a positive way to enthrone the opposition.

    So I think the polls are skewed, and Labour are toast.

    Which is not necessarily a good thing, because landslide victories remove one of the vital checks on power.

    For what it's worth, though, I disagree with all the doomsayers who think racial division is going to tear the country apart.

    We have lived through generations in which the class divide, and the threat of class warfare, has come close to unseating the monarchy, but it all ended up OK.

    And when you look back, and not too far at that, when the differences between Labour and Tory were massive - unilateral disarmament in the middle of the Cold War, for example, we all muddled our way through.

    And I can't see this being any different over the long haul.
  10. You have cut and pasted that before :roll:
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    That's because he's a BNP sock puppet.

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  13. Don't know how the soxmis sighting got included?
  14. Sorry to disillusion you cpunk, I have never been anyone's puppet and never will be.
  15. Tally ho, I'm voting for the conservative party because I'm over educated toff and I don't understand working class people.

    Chin chin, where's the pimms