Why I love Wales

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. We ll keep a welcome in the hillside, we ll keep a welcome in the vales, however there is some fakin orrible in the valleys.

    I ve be told that Knocker has been there!!!

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  2. she ate all the pies then............ piggin ugly
  3. The picture on the wall isn't straight.
  4. She s a good looking one in the Rhondda valley :p
  5. Are you suprised the whole house shakes when she farts!!!
  6. well i now know why sheep are scared
  7. More like scarred.

    And for life.
  8. no she ate em!!!!
  9. Those she can still afford. Can't you see she's trying to make ends meet?
  10. Too much lard, if you coudnt get you knob up it at least you could stick it between the flabby gut and the top thigh, the sweat and dead skin combined would feel like soft wet fanny batter :wink:

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  11. ahhhh someone loves them!!!
  12. the sad bit is many of us have shagged something like that. :oops:
  13. And even sadder is that I went back for more.
  14. You say sad, but look at the joy its given, especially when your mates find out!!!
  15. take it you took the flour along to find the wet patch!