Why I love my local police force

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabtastic, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. See what happens when the car is allowed to be revered as a god. Can't believe that the policeman was in such a rush that he couldn't wait an extra few seconds. I can only hope that one day he too will face such injustice. There but for the grace of God ......and all that.
  2. Good to see that they've got their priorities right. Mind you, amercian cops tend to act like w@nkers the majority of the time. One nearly pulled a gun on me in Virginia Beach because my mate was pissing in an alleyway. Cnuts.
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  4. Postie,
    The car actually plays 2nd fiddle in LA. God is Hollywood. There is even an entire unit of LAPD officers whose sole job it is to shut down roads and streets and stag on around film sets- you actually learn to recognise some of them after a while. In a place that can get gridlocked at the drop of a hat, it'd be nice if they actually told us in advance that a 2 square block area in the middle of downtown would be sealed off at rush hour.

    Sell dime bags of crack on a street corner? No problem.
    Forget to indicate whilst turning said corner in a car? Be prepared for the world fall down around your ears.

    Even Snowdrops could learn a thing or two about being jobsworths from these tubes.
  5. As a young lad I was lucky enough to be sent to Montreal for a couple of weeks on a jaunt. I should say straight away that French was way below art on my list of "good" subjects at school (and I can't draw for toffee). Did the normal 18 year old thing of going into the first bar seen and getting hammered. I decided to go to another bar and promptly walked out with a bottle of crap beer (miller I think). As soon as i stepped outside a police car pulled up, window winds down and Mr Policeman says "blah blah blah blah blah". I said "sorry I don't speak french! he said "blah blah blah blah", but more loudly this time, at the same time pointing furiously at me. Again i apologised, somewhat bewildered, he then shouted REALLY LOUDLY "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH", got out of the car, drew his pistol and pointed it squarely at my head (from about 3 feet). An old boy who had been watching events unfurl very calmly shouted to me, "he wants you to put your beer down!". Feeling strangely compliant, and more surprisingly sober thats exactly what I did. he picked it up, emptied it in the gutter and threw the bottle in the bin. Got in his car and drove off.

    If you ever need yet another reason to hate the french then you don't even have to travel to the pish hole to find it, go to French-Canada! And after living in Calgary for a year I am now more than aware of the very strict post-prohibition laws in Canada.

    A police over-reaction maybe?
  6. I didn't mean just LA really but America in general. I was amazed when staying with my other halfs family that to walk about 200m to the shopps over the road ( accross the street) was unacceptable and that I should drive and park in teh huge car park there. I would have been there an back in teh time it took to pull out and repark.

    I encountered the police ( pre 11 Sep ) in Washington DC. I was walking past the Whitehouse on the side facing the Mall. Cars were merrily driving past the garden but I was not allowed to use the footpath, I had to cross the road to a footpath about 12' away. I asked why? Clearly I should have known better and was told I and other pedestrians were a security risk. When I pointed out that all of the cars were far more likley to be able to destroy the Whitehouse (not that either was likely) if filled with PE than I was since I was only wearing a tee shirt and clearly not armed to the teeth, they fused and went 'Just following orders Ma'am'. and bundled me to the other side of the road. All of which is probably true, but stupid rules should be questioned. Sy is important ...as became all too obvious. Clearly I would not do this now...the aggravation wouldn't be worth pointing out the flaw.
  7. I think (And I am being serious for a change) that the spams have a problem with the way their police forces are structured. In the UK, all our forces are trained and selected at roughly the same standard and don't seem to suffer the turf wars so common amongst American forces. We're also (No really!) a damn sight less subject to unwarranted interference from local politico's and big wigs. Generally you get a reasonable standard of plod in this country. I know there are exceptions but usually this is the case.

    The Yanks have thousands, literally, of different police agencies and their standards vary enormously. So you can have knuckle draggers in one force cause they're easy to hire and cheap and exceptional coppers in another force due a large budget etc. Thus you can end up meeting cops who (It seems) are departmentally required not to show initiative upon pain of firing. Reason doesn't seem to enter into it.

    I travelled across Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia last year and met quite a few of their cops. Some were were spot on, some others though.... I used to laugh at the films depicting US Cops until I started talking to a few in their environment. They are often in the position whereby they end up being used as personal enforcement agents for a mayor or being told that enforcing the law is OK except when it comes to the governor's cousin etc.

    I imagine that the Whitehouse lot are incredibly regulated and I doubt very much if they're allowed much in the way of personal initiative. Without being patronising, I really do feel sorry for them in a lot of ways compared to us in the UK. Mind you, ticketing some old dear for public doddering is bloody harsh.
  8. Why I love my local Policew Force, well I have not a bobby for a couple of years.
  9. "Not a sanctioned detection in this country" Well obviously if there's a PND in it, that's a different manner.... :?
  10. While in America the local cops in Carolina pulled over our lads several times at the same cross roads for failing to stop for a sufficiently long time. Bearing in mind it was flat, open counrtyside. no hedges for some distance and all the roads were straight, you could see a car approaching the junction for 7 mimles or so.
    They actually timed how long they stopped for, any less than 3 seconds at a complete standstill and you were nicked.
  11. I love my local police force in my part of the world. they let me keep guns in my kennel!