Why I Joined Radical Islam in Britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RFUK, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. I've been toying with the idea of throwing this into the "artsy" thread for a few days, but in light of the recent attempted bombings in London, I thought it worth putting this thread in here.

    "The Islamist" is a book by a British Muslim named Ed Husain, who was a part of the rise of Islamic extremism in the UK, and London in particular. It begins with his typical English upbringing; to his involvement with some extremely unsavoury extremist organisations; to him finally "seeing the light" and sacking it.

    It's an interesting read if you've ever wondered where the enemy are coming from and certainly opened my eyes to a few things. For a start, I didn't realise to what extent Islamic extremism was made popular by teenagers, or to what extent the older generations opposed it. It also opened my eyes, without pointing fingers or making accusations, to the extent of the governments liability for allowing it to continue.

    For those of you worried about propaganda, the book is written with hindsight and presents the facts without trying to excuse any of the wrongs.

    Anyway, feel free to stick this thread where it belongs - Just thought it would be fitting to post it in here with the recent events.

    Amazon Link

    . It also opened my eyes, without pointing fingers or making accusations, to the extent of the governments liability for allowing it to continue.

    I believe you just have pointed your finger! Why is someone else always liable for their wrongdoing?
  3. I pointed my finger. The book didn't. Muslim extremist leaders flocked to the UK because we were the only country which would allow them to preach to the masses unhindered. Read the book!
  4. The majority of folk - especially those that thought they knew what they were on about, slagged the BNP off 'BIG TIME', when they promoted their beliefs/policies/interests.

    The only difference that can be seen here is Islamic extremism, are allowed to promote this evil with the support of NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME because they can always pull out the 'race card/discrimination' do dar, and its never their fault.

    Please remember, that the next time the BNP argument raises it head, all sides of the coin (so to speak) are looked on, instead of hiding behind name calling because that is how the Islamic extremism, like it; the so-called meek and humble, we do not want any trouble brigade.

    Out of interest, where are the profits of this book going, 'cos once you are part of the Islamic extremism - leaving is not an option that can be easily taken.....................
  5. Also the UK under the Bliar govt gave the world a Message:
  6. Well put.
  7. Stick your book!
  8. It's a load of exaggerated nonsense.

    The title is designed to appeal to our neocon pals across the pond.

    I should come out with a book...how I Almost Joined Radical Islam One Fine Day and How I Saw Sense In the Nick of Time.

    Laughing all the way to the bank comes to mind...
  9. The reason I posted it here was that it provides int on the inner workings of the secretive extremist organisations that operate in this country, and would answer an awful lot of questions about a topic which we regularly discuss on this site.

    Taz... It's a book about extremism in Britain and I doubt an American would understand it. It may be exaggerated, but as I'm not a Muslim extremist I wouldn't know. And will you please tell me what's going on with your avatar?
  10. Your book should be called "Racist Bigots Guide to Jihad Waltism" or "How I got my rocks off while the DFLP murdered women & children ".

    Taz, you're a self admitted muslim extremist terrorist supporter.
  11. It's another example of his waltism.
  12. I think I'll try and fit that one in between my reading of the Beano and Readers Wives
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    How did you determine that? Haven't read the book yet, and would be interested to hear why you think it's a crock of cr*p before I waste time and/or money on it as RFUK made it sound quite engaging (as do the reviews on Amazon).

    p.s. What is with your avatar?
  14. Ditch the Beano you fecking intellectual.
  15. Did anyone read the book? :D