Why I hate your average young soldier

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Higround, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. I will probably get flamed like fcuk for this but check this guy out, hes 18 and in the Royal Engineers....


    He doesn't even have a basic grasp of the English language and he's on this site representing the British Army looking like a Chav cnut with pics of his sh1t Pug 206 GTi 180 (I think).

    Comments please, is your unit filled with the illiterate?
  2. This fcuking tw@t needs the English language punched into him. :threaten: :shakefist:

    As an ex Sapper I feel embarrassed :oops:
  3. In my day you would get hung drawn and quartered by your muckers for pulling a stunt like that :frustrated:
  4. If he's legit then some fcuker out there knows him, please if you do, batter him.
  5. Just put a thread on the Sapper furom, hopefully it will start a hunt for the cnut. :D
  6. It's too easy, that cnut had sent a £1.50 text to the site to get himself on the homepage with his shit 1 cylinder hairdryer car and mastery on the English language for the thousands of British citizens that frequent that site to see.

    If he's that desperate for a shag, being in the Army in a squaddie town isn't really going to impress a bird that can go through a ten man room and still want more...
  7. If you follow the link to his MSN site you’ll find his camp location and his email address… not that I’m encouraging you :wink:
  8. Damn, tried to leave him a comment hoping it would appear on his homepage but it didn't, he must have to approve it but I did link to this thread so hopefully he will get that dictionary out in future....
  9. This is the future.....

    Be afraid. Very afraid........

  10. He is just a young lad, fecking hell wish i had never done anything cringeworthy in my life, its going to be funny when new people discover that little gem as he goes through his career.
  11. He is just a sprog!
  12. He's a young lad who joined the army and is proud of it!

    He's willing to go war (obviously) and fight for the land he was born in!

    He doesn't take drugs, unlike some teenagers - he likes a drink, so what?

    He classes work as a 'bad habit', obviously not scared to muck in and get his hands dirty!

    He has a car, well done him - he didn't nick it.... and isn't joyriding yours or mine!

    He 'duz tht txt spk' like most teens do - it drives the over 25's mad,... but so what?

    Give the kid a break - he could be much worse....... much MUCH worse
  13. Nice to see a post talking common sense.

    Give the kid a break, guys. If you want to see some real tw@ts and get an idea for people's grasp of the English language, pick a thread at random on any of the forums. WTF makes him any different?
  14. Teens seem to find it very hard to grow out of the cool dude respec' american blacksploitation thing thats going on at the moment. The lad might be a muppet...but he's our muppet now and at least he's doing his bit and not standing around street corners planning to mug a granny while he waits for his next benefit cheque.
  15. Higround, you are only a young crow bag yourself.

    And probably had plenty of seniors going off you with your antics. Or should ahve done. It's what the young lads do.

    And you have signed off, this is YOUR future. If you think it is bad in the army, wait till you are out.