Why he sacrificed his career and his liberty? Is he right?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. Absolutely right

  2. Partially right

  3. On some points he is right, on some - wrong

  4. He is rather wrong.

  5. Absolutely wrong

  1. The only reason of this thread is a poll.


  2. Read the thread about him, it seems to sum up the way people feel.
  3. By now this individual will have been assessed and soon a paperback will be released by a well known publicist covering the inhumane treatment he received at MCTC.
    Pity is not the immediate feeling that will spring to the minds of most of the posters on this site. He failed in his moral and legal obligations. Not only to the uniform that he wore, but to the fellow servicemen and women within his unit.
    The media may in time 'cannonise' him, on the whole he will be branded a coward and a stain on the fine traditions of the British military. He was selective and somewhat dismissive of the need to lead by example as an officer.

    The Judge Advocate said;

    "Obedience of orders is at the heart of any disciplined force. Refusal to obey orders means the force is not a disciplined force but a rabble. Those who wear the Queen's uniform cannot pick and choose which orders they will obey. Those who seek to do so must face the serious consequences,"

    I personally agree totally with his statement.

    Judge Advocate Bayliss accused Kendall-Smith, a former university tutor of moral philosophy, of "amazing arrogance" and seeking to be a "martyr". The sentence was intended to make an example of him and serve as a warning to others in the forces.

    This will, I think prove that those who might have a 'Lack of Moral Fibre' in the forces will get the same as this former officer. IMHO he is a disgrace to the medical services and displays the forces in the worst possible light.

    My rant has ended.............breathe!!

  4. If we're concerned with 'moral fibre', he's got a lot more than most. Blindly obeying whatever order you're given without thinking of the consequences shows a greater lack of 'moral fibre'. It's evident in the Israeli army, for example, these days, and the reason why a lot of (not just British) innocent civilians end up dead.
  5. I think his opinions would have had more support if he had presented them in a less-Messiah way. After all, there were a lot of people who took to the streets Not In My Name-wise; and that was before we saw just what a crock of shYt B Liar was presenting.
    As for moral fibre. I would imagine that in the time since he said "NO", he has had a lot more hassle and aggro than he would have received had he gone to (RAF-style) war. I'm not in any way defending the guy but, just like all of us here, he had an opinion and was prepared to suffer for it. A wrong opinion does not tarnish the way he stuck to his guns (or in this case - failed to stick to a gun)
    Irreligious joke mode on. "Maybe it is fitting that he was sentenced at this time of the Christian year?" Joke mode off.
  6. he had the option of resigning
  7. Maybe he couldnt afford to pay back the busary :twisted: ?
  8. Glad to see him sent down.

    No sympathy with the man at all. His comparison of our side to the Nazis made me lose any interest in anything else he has to say. He is a disgrace to his uniform. I hope he looses his rank, pension etc, but he still has to pay his bursary.
  9. At the risk of repeating what was on another thread...

    At the time he took his stance there was a UN resolution that granted legitimacy to the presence of forces in Iraq for the purposes of reconstruction. If he had took his stance earlier, he would have had a stronger argument. However, he should have not disobeyed the orders (presumably once questioned and reiterated iaw QRs) and should have done his time before PVR or resignation (the latter is exceptional). His medical role probably provided the worst excuse for someone trying to claim they are in conflict with international law!

    This is a marked contrast with the recent Army case in which the trooper took his concerns (about working with the US) to his CO in a mature and open manner, resulting in a sensibe decision. It may be the case that the MoD would not have wished to pursue a court-martial against someone who had been working with US forces in this way, because of the almighty can of worms that may have been opened if he had had his day in court.
  10. Indeed he could do it just after his 1st or 2d term in Iraq. I suppose that mr.Kendall-Smith believered that after 2 terms he would not be sent in Iraq soon. It is possible that his true initial motivation was an injustice. While a lot of splendid officers that overcrowd MoD have never been to Iraq (or maybe all of them spent at least a half year in this unhospitable place?) he was told to go to Basra for 3d tour.

    If my supposition is true then probably mr.Kedall-Smith used 'illegality of Iraqi war' argument as a cover. I don't believe that he is a hard-core pacifist.
  11. Had he been Russian, he'd have been shot or at best off to the Gulag.
  12. You don't understand the ethos of the British Army Sergey. Operational experience is highly valued, it is the time when the Army does for real what it trains for. The only beef most people have is the regularity in which tours away from home and family come around due to having more tasks than troops to fill them.
  13. Had he been Russian, he'd have been driving a taxi as a second job, and wouldn't have had time to think about it....
  14. Isn't it funny how we recieve criticism from a 'claimed' citizen of a country who's human rights record is atrocious and from another clown who 'claims' to be French, who's country's national flag is white.

    Brass necks or what?
  15. That Ben Griffin bloke was on Channel Four news last night talking about this. Apparently he was going to be a "defence witness" which seems to confirm to me that this officer simply wanted his day to show off in court like a sixth-form debating society.

    And former Tpr. Griffin appears to have swallowed the Stop the War instruction manual.

    I wish civilian judges were as good at slapping down grandstanding defendants who were bang to rights.

    I hope Doctor whatisname has a tolerable couple of months in Collie or wherever it is they send naughty crabs, and finds half-decent work as a doctor outside. I just hope he doesn't end up popping up on telly every five minutes as the latest leftie rentagob.