Why have the white British left London?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. No, not EDF or UKIP at work but the BBC.

    BBC News - Why have the white British left London?

    Mark Easton has been taking a look at the UK census figures that show some quite alarming trends.

    But this is the BBC of course. So it all ends up thus:

    "It is a story of aspiration. It is a story of success."

    "...often having prospered from the housing boom and the capital's economic growth - cashed in their assets and bought themselves that little cottage in the countryside or by the sea."

    Nothing to do with certain areas being turned into ghettos as a result of bonkers policies of course
  2. It's both, surely.
  3. It's funny how people who don't live in London go on about Londoners are sick of all them foreign darky types. Most don't really care about that.

    The main concern is that a 1 bedroom flat will cost you the same as a mansion in the countryside.
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  4. Thought the White lot started leaving after the Romans left.
  5. The "Bonkers Policy" being the Thatcherite decision to sell off the available stock of "social housing" at rock bottom prices to the occupants, who then sold up at the going Market rate at the firts opportunity and moved somewhere nicer, leaving the housing stock expensive and in private hands with little "social housing" for the bottom end of the demographic ? Bonkers all right, a Tory policy.
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  6. Mmmmhhhh......pie and mash!
  7. Its a shite place to live unless you are very wealthy.
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  8. daz

    daz LE

    Just checking....how long ago was that again?, and for that matter, what did the other lot do to correct the "mistake" (if that's what it was) when they were in power, or did they not have enough time, what with banning fox hunting and the like??

    Answers on the back of a fag packet please :)
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  9. True to a certain extent but does the same go for:

    Slough (-30.3%) and Luton (-24.4%)?
  10. No.

    They're shite full stop.

  11. Er,I think you'll find the ***** fucked off about thirty odd year ago.
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  12. If I were that wealthy I would'nt live in a shite place but I'm not & certainly not a millionaire,

    Besides there's worse shitholes than London, it's just Londoners, Mancs & Scousers amongst just a few are the ones we hear from the most.

    The remainder are those rich folk from Tower Hamlets.
  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    its nice at night when there is nothing on the streets and just the sound of aircraft and sirens to keep you company.
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