Why have so many COs PVRd this year?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by barbs, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. I have heard that between 15 and 17 COs have PVRd this year.


    Is life after command so bad that you can't face another day in uniform?
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Probably because they have passed their IPP, they're at the peak of their employability outside, they've achieved what they set out to do when they joined and they're still young enough to have a meaningful second career, or some combination of these factors.
  3. Plus the fact that the greasy pole becomes increasingly Tri-Service after Regtl Command. Army Officers fare badly in an environment where slippery political correctness, anodyne on-message blandness, the ability to tell half-truths and the inability to distinguish words from deeds is all required.
  4. Or perhaps things just ain't what they used to be? And there are some damn good jobs in the private sector with rather admirable remuneration packages.
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Maybe, it is just representative amount for the proportions that are signing off across the board, irrespective of rank.......... go on Netwon Dung - quote me on that.
  6. Probably the same reason as everyone else? Poor pay, housing, health care etc etc that and being expected to bulls**t their own blokes with 'we have full support.......... best kit........etc etc'
  7. Probably for the same reasons as all those officers who made the last Army Retirements Board (normally half a day) last two days.

    But 17 COs leaving (if that figure is accurate) is not a cause for concern, no, no, we have lots of equally good people to replace them. Oh yes, no problem here, move along please.
  8. Cos it's sh!t.
  9. the whole system would collapse if there weren't people leaving the forces to give others the chance of promotion
  10. Except we're fast running out of folks to fill the gaps in time...
  11. Nail on the head.
  12. Yes mally, the whole point of training and selecting a bloke to be a CO is so that he will leave and someone less well trained and not selected can take his place - thus ensuring mediocrity can prosper too!
  13. ah yes... and the mediocrity is growing like a dark fungus in the corner of a wet room.... hence the state we are in right now...
  14. There are parts of the Army where that's a fact Jack!
  15. Thought that had always been the case with the RMP? :p