Why Have I Waited So Long!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by methilman, May 3, 2009.

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  1. Did the Army v Navy for the first time yesterday, almost finished my 22 but that was one of the greatest days out I have ever had. What a dick for waiting till now to go, I will be back as a civi next year.....magnificent day and I dont even follow Rugby.

    Brilliant to see some old faces again.....just brilliant.
  2. Christ, a day not to be missed, agreed a fantastic day and thanks to Sparky8 for the tickets.

    The match was bloody fantastic too!!

    I managed not to miss the train home this time... for once!!
  3. Hats off to all the personnel who organised the REME side of the event. I don't think anyone could of missed our bar this time and there was definately enough bar staff on this year, not the normal 6 deep scrum. Also big thanks to sparky8 for doing the tickets again.
    This was the first time I'd been since I got out at christmas and it was good to see all my old aquaintences even though its only been 6 months. Looking forward to next year - maybe the Navy will send a rugby team too :D