Why have Cav? When you could all wear black!!!!!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by WOOFFY, Apr 12, 2006.

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    Edited after tanky wanky got moderated
    Oi! don't look at me I didn't start this drivel! Some bugger deleted the first post :wink:
  2. Indeed, we could also all race pidgeons and whippets.

  3. Now your being silly that would mean we would all have to drink bitter, join a brass band, and eat battered mars bars.........crazy that would never catch on!
  4. Tring to drum up a bit of support on your thread i see . Ok crack on
  5. Not taking sides at all, links to both RTR and Cav, however I've always heard the RTR referred to (by non RTR) in a good natured way as the Chav Cav...
  6. I thought 'Goth' was just an adolescent phase..
  7. to be honest wouldnt you all feel better in black?

    You know inside every cav there is a tankie trying to get out!!!!
  8. A black rompa-suit just looks ridiculous with a paisley cravat. Forget it!
  9. yeah but at least it wont clash with karki green
  10. Your not wrong! But i have to flush it away or it stinks the bog out.
  11. yeah its the horses
  12. Is it me or do none of 2nd Tanks' posts make any sense what so ever? Not picking mate but I'm struggling to work them out.
  13. Your not on yer own there fella
  14. I used to think of 2RTR as a good regt but 2nd tanks is dragging them down pretty fast..............maybe it´s 2N.D.?

    Maybe ´Flashy`can lend him his old ´Oxygen Thief`Avatar :twisted:
  15. He's no Oxygen Thief, from what I've seen that's reserved for complete retards! Had a bit of a nose around and I think most of his earlier posts were deleted for some reason, which I guess would explain the complete randomness of what comes after.