Why have Cav? When you could all wear black!!!!!

Indeed, we could also all race pidgeons and whippets.

Now your being silly that would mean we would all have to drink bitter, join a brass band, and eat battered mars bars.........crazy that would never catch on!
Not taking sides at all, links to both RTR and Cav, however I've always heard the RTR referred to (by non RTR) in a good natured way as the Chav Cav...
to be honest wouldnt you all feel better in black?

You know inside every cav there is a tankie trying to get out!!!!
A black rompa-suit just looks ridiculous with a paisley cravat. Forget it!
He's no Oxygen Thief, from what I've seen that's reserved for complete retards! Had a bit of a nose around and I think most of his earlier posts were deleted for some reason, which I guess would explain the complete randomness of what comes after.
Well spotted cowhead he had a dodgy avatar so they removed all of the older posts, thats why a few seem a little strange.............however i have known him for years and i havent got a clue what he is talking about half the time either! Hows the new job anyway? Whats going to happen when they find out you havent got a clue what your doing lol.?
Well I'm hoping I can keep pulling the wool over everyone's eyes until I'm at least a CO and by then it'll be too late muhahahahaha! Who's this anyway PM me so we can keep all the abuse away from public eyes!
I too had a dodgy avatar(Raghead-Bomb) but only that was removed,maybe they didn´t think his drivellings were worth saving? :oops:

Maybe Cav is there to add some colour to those ´widows weeds´! :wink:
Oh Midnight thats not nice! Hey he makes sense in his own head and hes bloody good at getting the Tankie/Cav banter going you must agree? Give me a clue you lost me with widows weeds!

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