why have all of the crafties got an attitude?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Heywood_Jablowme, May 6, 2005.

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  1. I havent been in a huge amount of time but i know that i used to cut about Bordon with the fear of Tervit hanging over me.RP staff were people you also feared and guard was something you spent a good hour ironing your kit and putting the extra effort in. Nowadays everyone shuffles around like afghan rebels,caps on,earrings in,like chavs,blasting around in their punto's with the lights underneath.what happened?new labour?!
  2. because they are gobby reme crows that deserve nothing more than a severe beating of economic proportions
  3. Is "Tervit" some strange REME god worshipped in unspeakably obscene and vile rites in LADs throughout the Army or is it someone's name?
  4. Is "Tervit" some strange REME god worshipped in unspeakably obscene and vile rites in LADs throughout the Army or is it someone's name?[/quote]
    Tervit was (is) a speccy jock cockknocker who was the RSM at SEME, so poor we commisioned him I believe! 8O
  5. Tervit is now a Lt Col in the demics as Staff QM,I believe. Ah they were the days "Lumpy Jumper get off my square" as he would tirade the female craftsman off his square and sharply off to jail under the watchful eye of Provo Sgt "Would you like to buy my merchandise" 8) name witheld.
  6. If its tam tervitt your on about, he did not get a commission in the REME, but like all the other drop outs from various Corps and Regts he got one in the good old RAMC, now a Major involved in med sup somewhere. So there u go.
  7. Sorry but the chap who signed my JMC report in Nov 93 has the same surname as Tervit was scottish and was commissioned in our beloved Corps.Then I saw him on TELIC with a crown and star on his epaulette RAMC.Coincidence!
  8. Crafties dont all have attitude and no more so than 10 or 15 years ago. Just depends how they are managed, if they know the boundaries they tend to stick within them. In all walks of life there are scroats!!

  9. If all little w@nkers, than you're not doing your job as a JNCO/SNCO properly!!
  10. Tervit did commission into REME but didnt get his Reg C conversion within our beloved Corps, so those AMS chappies decided they should have him, and look where he is now; half colonel, awarded for bravery and still an RSM inside. F***ing love it.....
  11. you are all having a stress, think about poor lady`s like me to can`t iron .
    wish i had someone to do it for me
  12. ''and look where he is now; half colonel''

    If he is then it's only local rank.
  13. the reson the crafties are all gobbly little t**ts is because we tell them to much about their right good news that 67 is now sucked the jam out of their doughnuts thats for sure
  14. Huh?
  15. Tam was my first unit OC and despite taking a bit of time to get used to he was top notch, all for the work hard play hard Bde.
    I bumped into him at the Sgts-Officers last Xmas and had many a giggle listening him regale stories of jailing bikes and wives to some LE's who only knew him by reputation