Why hasnt the Attorney General been sacked?

She is a Labour politician and Labour politicians do not get sacked.

Two reasons explaining why Labour politicians are not sacked.

Firstly, the barrel of 'intelligence' has already been scraped (Ainsworth) and there is nobody left to appoint in her place.

Secondly, Labour is afraid that anyone being sacked may spill beans over the tantrums and lies associated with 'Swamper' Brown.
Probably for the same reasons no politicians were charged with theft/fraud after the expenses scandal, its only us little people who get nicked, their above all that..
asmallbrownduck said:
marco_poloroid said:
Is it because Broon is in Scotland at the moment?
Just what do you mean by that? :D
I was just thinking that! There's a massive victory for the PC Nazi's:

One eyed incontinent mental retard get's it on with lawbreaking ethnically diverse female!

Right on Comrades!
I must admit I find it quite remarkable that some one who has been found to have broken a law they themselves were very much responsible for drawing up should not resign immediately. Now when that person is the senior law officer of the government it move from remarkable to unbelievable.
If there is any evidence left about dodgy int dossiers or background to the legality of GW2, I would bet they are in possession of the Attorney General. At least until just after the next election when there will be some massive bonfires (and it won't be because Labour have re-written history and moved Guy Fawke's Night from 5 Nov)


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Not only has she broken the law that she brought in, but she's also a trougher of the deepest hue - fiddling well over a hundred thousand Pounds in very dodgy claims indeed (no doubt, of course, they were all 'within the rules', so that'll be OK, just like it was for the Speaker, etc).

Better news this morning on the Guido site - perhaps the net is closing a tad:
"Baroness Scotland has been served with a “Notice of Potential Liability”. This is the first stage before a decision is made to issue a fine. According to a single source, most of the enforcement team is keen to nail her but Lin Homer (UKBA CEO) is desperately looking for a way to avoid prosecution. Lady Scotland claims that Tapui’s passport was current and endorsed with the correct Home Office stamps, telling investigators she “knows what they look like”. However, she didn’t take copies as required by the Act. The raid only turned up an expired passport.
Tapui is said to have contacted UKBA late yesterday afternoon. Everything is on hold until the UKBA enforcement team speak to her."

Nice to see that the head cheese there is desperate not to prosecute - no surprise there :)


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Cynical, cynical.

In the minds of Labour crew at the moment:

"She's in the sh!t, but no more than any of us have been since day one, and feck me, we're STILL getting away with it - that is, until the election, so, what the hell, keep that train rolling until then. We'll keep the lying lawyer, because we can, and there's nothiong to be done about it. After all, we still enobled Michael Martin, and got away with it, we've got Mandlebottage in on his third tour, more creepy than ever, nobody has shot cyclops in the face, we are dropping pretty much all the suggested changes to the expenses system, and the entire house put that dribbling mong in the Speaker's chair . . . . . . . . so, Lady bleeding Scotland?!?! Who cares; more bubbly comrade?"
God it hurts. It really, really hurts!


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jonwilly said:
According to the Times she is only in 'Technical breach'.
Not really a crime then !
If you accidentally break the law, it's only a 'technical breach', and thus the sentence is lighter I believe.

If you accidentally, or unknowingly kill your wife with a machette, or forget to tax your car, or accidentally park on double yellows, or make a little mistake in your accounts, or forget yourself and spark up a fag in a hotel, there's not charge to answer as far as I know.
BPS666 said:
Just in via BFPS - she's getting a £5000 fine
Probably paid by us the taxpayers
Because our political caste is deeply corrupt and believes right to its very marrow that laws are only for the little people.

It's simple when you realise, and a fine British tradition to boot!
maxi_77 said:
So our most senior law officer is a criminal. Great.
By all accounts her transgression is not a crime but a civil tort(?).

I thought I heard 'Clown' Brown, who it appears is still alive, on Radio 4 (Prop: P. Mandelson) keep the resignation door open.

The law in this country is not only an ass, but has become a disrespected laughing stock. The constant fiddling, lies and deceptions of the 'grinning spiv' Bliar and his sly gang have reduced what was an international model to a shambolic joke whereby politicians of the 'ruling' party are exempt from any sanctions.

Shame! Shame!


BPS666 said:
Just in via BFBS - she's getting a £5000 fine
Brown has also told her to say sorry - that'll learn 'er then.......

Actually she may be innocent as she did not know - but given her position and relationship to this particular law, I don't understand how she can retain her position and reputation.


Just revised my opinion to guilty, she knew the details of the legal requirements as she pushed it through. Not knowing the small print does not fly, she failed to undertake required checks and failed to retain documentation.
Take her away.

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