Why has it taken some people over a year to join the infantry?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Daniel00, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. I just saw that someone got a grade B at selection and started basic almost a year after selection? I was told the other day if i get a high B or A ill be in by May, and i still have another interview and then Lichfield?
  2. Your recruiter wasnt in the RLC and said you could get in faster if you were a driver, by any chance ?
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  3. Not to seem pathetic but whats RLC? and nope, i have good gcse grades and a high barb score and good results at pre-ADSC but I'm very curious here because one of the reasons [main word being one] im joining the infantry is because it is a much quicker process of joining.
  4. The reason I asked was, that some recruiters are from certain capbadges and try to fill a quota and get you in their area of the Army.

    Going to the Inf isnt nessacery the quickest entry point,

    RLC = Royal Logistic Corps (Ammo Techs, Chefs, Posties, Drivers, Suppliers..few more)
  5. Oh okay mate, well its looking like the quickest to me at the moment, eighteenth may is the next intake day, and i should be in phase one by then if all goes well and im in litchfeild by march.
  6. You're joining the infantry as it's the fastest way to get into the army? If that career is what you want to do go for it, but waiting a bit isn't going to kill you if at the end of it you get a job you'll enjoy a lot more.
  7. I did say one of the reasons mate, but yeah iv'e been in the process of joining for a while anyway so iv'e waited enough mate i am generally just on about waiting after iv'e done selection.

  8. er, Let me explain something to you re Job choices in the mob...........

    Chances of getting killed in the army? - Yahoo! Answers
  9. Fair enough, no harm intended, i can relate to the waiting side of things!
    @Nato, not quite sure what you're getting at with highlighting that, an unfortunate choice of words perhaps, but it's not like i was suggesting do something different because you might get killed.
  10. a year to get in infantry thats insane :O , i wana be in this year lol not next year im eiher going engineers or infantry eiter one ill be happy. but a year is mad,
  11. I was thinking that mate haha
  12. screw that il be pestering my recruiterlike mad haha, i no they hate it but once evrythings passed i want in got bar test monday i wont be hanging about with ym application process
  13. FFS, It's called squaddie humour mate....should have signed for it when you first got issued your kit or your first bollocking for just being there.
  14. If it's a job you really want, waiting a year is nothing.
  15. A year is a long time mate, especially If your unemployed, can't find work and have no money.