Why Euroweenies & Petty Tyrannies Love "the Beautiful game"

I 'd be interested to see what people think of this -

PJTV- Afterburner -World Cup 101: Why Euroweenies & Petty Tyrannies Love "the Beautiful Game"

This bloke is an American political commentator and a realtively big name on the net. Even if you are not a footy fan what he has to say about Britain and Europe as a whole- Footy as a symptom and symbolic of American superiority and the rest of the worlds inferiority- in terms of politics culture etc is pretty extreme. He manages to bury the 'special relationship' without a trace and with some venom. The comments on the site are worth reading too. Enjoy but try not to throw anything at your VDU!
Unless I've just watched a completely different video called 'Why Euroweenies & Petty Tyrannies Love the Beautiful Game' by a completely different Bill Whittle, he doesn't say anything venomous about Britain. It wasn't really worth watching.
In fact, its petty playing to the bleachers shabite. The only people who care that America doesn't "get" football is ummmm the USA. The rest of the World gets on with watching it and playing it.

I also find it difficult to find humour in the fact that its played by people who are poor and therefore can't afford the complicated apparel of Americas chosen sports.

Erm, I'd give it a swerve if I were you. Its a load of balls. (See what I did there?)

yrs B. Norman
He learned about football "growing up with the British in Bermuda".Says it all, really.

try posting a comment on this page critical of the spams attitude and see what happens. I have and it doesn't appear? I didn't use any 'bad language' just tried to point out the error of their ways and that there is a world outside the US. Maybe its just me they don't like? But I thought the US was the home of the free? free speech and all that?

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