Why England didn't win - according to Pravda

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartarse, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. "It has become yobland, full of trashy, tacky, garish and gaudy, brassy, slovenly sluts with cigarette ends hanging out the side of their mouths, turning into media starlets through the human reality shows, the TV version of tabloid idiocy which has turned the country into a nation of cheap voyeurs, yelling racist obscenities in the unintelligible tongue the English language has become on that island. These, accompanied by the pot-bellied, disgusting, dishevelled, drunken pigs that sire them and breed the obese, foul-mouthed, smelly and ignorant little hoodlums that hang around in shopping malls mocking, robbing and kicking defenceless old ladies."

    Sky News, sour grapes and FIFA 2018 - English pravda.ru

    Ooh, are they talking about us?
  2. Good Lord, a bit of honest journalism for once.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well, doesn't Pravda mean 'Truth' ?
  4. I`d say thats a pretty fair description. :)
  5. After spending £15 million pound & not getting past the first stage is a bit of 'egg on face'

    Two votes? IIRC did'nt someone within the England camp said it was too close to call?

    Oh dear never mind, only another Generation to wait...
  6. I'll have that.

    Just like The Olympics will be shit!

    We can't even keep our students in check never mind managing millions of football fans from all over the world descending on The UK over a couple of week period.
  7. FIFA say they want to rotate it around the member countries.

    They have 204 member countries.

    I reckon England might have to wait about 800 years.
  8. Judging by the rude arrogant cnuts with women dressed in what looked like Abba costumes we met in our hotel in Egypt, they have morphed into Brits in a remarkably quick time since the fall of communism.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, Pravda know something that many people in the UK still refuse to admit.
  10. If anyone really believes that their insane, it was well documented that SB was a fan of the russian bid, call me cynical but Russian & middle east Billionaires attracting FIFA??? Fifa's corrupt Ex's and processes, I bet Mr mark Thompson & Co are pretty chuffed with themselves (in the best public interest) with their media contribution timing, talk about shouting yourselves in the foot, prats of the highest order...

    I also agree with closet_jibber's points
  11. A huge lashing of truth with a full Teaspoons of elaborate bigoty.

    There was some typical English snobbery regarding our attitude around having the best bid (probably following the US model of self-worth) but with the criminality and the dubious (read illegal) shannigans behind the scenes, we never stood a chance.

    Russia, with it's open politics and corrupt-free system, we could learn a lot. :roll:
  12. It accurately describes Newport, South Wales.
  13. Just goes to show that even a Pravda journalist is a member of Arrse.
  14. Pravda has a point. Any foreigner viewing any one of 2 dozen "Reality" programmes on various TV channels, visiting almost any city/town centre at night [and often day] or going to a football match and seeing the unclouth, vulgar behaviour would have to agree. UK in general seems to be degenerating into an Holgarthian scenario.

    .... Although that is not why we lost out to Russia and only got two votes.
  15. An accurate description of what this country has become. If you want further proof, travel on the District Line when Chelsea are at home.

    PS: 'Vinniethemanxcat' has a point though. The Russian yobbery and oikery 'on tour' in Italy this time last year made Chelsea fans appear sober and well mannered!