Why dont we have the death penalty?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. After the sick racist attack and the London bombers.

    Why don't we have the death penalty for these types of crime?

    Reading this site at I think we or 98% think this would work .

    Ok I realise there have been errors in the past and will be in the future but the fact that "you doing the crime ends up with you seeing the inside of your own stomach or dieing in the same way as your victim or being shot with a bullet covered in pig fat " would prevent many of these type incidents.

    How many people carry an Axe around , and for what purpose. Self defence?

    BNP at its worst.
  2. because we are not (Americans)
  3. because if you get it wrong hard to say sorry :lol: . Hopefully (I say hopefully the idiot who killed the 17yr will turn out to be off his head on drugs or drinks I hate to think he did that sober ) people can be rehabilitated it is no detterent its just vengence which demeans and brutallises everyone involved .Though as a case for keeping ian huntley alive its pretty poor imho.
  4. Legally speaking, the reason the UK does not have the death penalty is because H.M. Government has signed up the European Convention on Human Rights, which not alone precludes the death penalty, but prevents deportation from an EU member state to a jurisdiction which does have the death pealty.
  5. Hard to say sorry after 8 rounds from behind as well, or two rounds if your carrying a table leg. I fail to see whats worng with a death penalty, at least you would have had a trial, if it were only used in certain cases like mass or serial murder etc then the chances of mistake will be reduced.
  6. These are all very understandable PERSONAL OPINIONS. That is what open forums are about.

    Before answering the question re the death penalty ask yourself other questions such as

    A, why these crimes happen

    B, who commits these crimes

    C, who the crime is committed against.

    D, Does rehabilitation actually work.

    I personally, am neither for, nor against the death penalty. Each case should be dealt with individually.

    Remember the film SPARTACUS. There are always the sick people who will admit to committing an offence for unknown reasons and indeed be tried and convicted, (Peter sutcliffe murders case) The real perpetrator goes unfound and unpunished and may commit the same offence again, whilst the other party has a public execution and another life is lost.

    Is killing the wrong man not murder?(NOTE I do not refer to the police shooting in London as that has its own case running at the moment).

    A good thread to run which will bring some class answers, and some inane drivel from others.
  7. Ok as I stated mistakes have been made but for example the 4 scrotes who tried to blow up their bombs on the tube and bus?

    What more proof is needed for pre meditated attempted murder? I mean is not the photographic, DNA, explosive and all that police forensic stuff not enough?

    Red handed in the cookie jar.

    Why not give them to the people of London to do with what they wish?
  8. I don't think rehab works in the majority of case.

    Why only the death penalty for racist and terrorist attacks ?

    I think the death penalty should be one of the possible penalties for those who murder .

    If life imprisonment meant life would there be a need for the death penalty ?
  9. Which is what the electorate was promised it would mean when the death penalty was repealed.
  10. And is that not a damned fine point to make.


    Burglary...sentenced to 3 years.....released on licence after 12 months...re-arrested for offending on licence...

    It should do exactly what it says on the tin IE 3 years IS 3 years.
    The problem now is that there are not enough spaces in prisons to house the growing number of criminals, and are more crimes being committed because the criminal knows that he or she will gain leniency at the magistrates court??

    over to you
  11. If we have to go the nice way .

    Why not make it hard time . Bread and water, no TV, Reading or Porn W.T.F criminals asking for porn and when they don't get it going to the human rights court.

    String the fickers up. How much for a .22 and how much for 13 years having your arrse wiped to get out and do it again.
  12. If you read the reports and press from the 1960s when this was debated, society was promised exactly this. Instead of executing the individual they would go to prison for life and it would mean life. This is one of the reasons why Hindley and Brady were never released since their crime was so soon after the suspension of the death penalty for murder.

    I have often wondered what would be the result if we compared the number of those who were executed in error against the number of innocents who have been killed by murders released from prison on licence.

    Perhaps we should have a system of capital punishment for the second murder you are convicted of. In the world of DNA this would mitigate against mistakes. Lets not forget too that when capital punishment was available the majority of sentences were not carried out. Although Albert Pierrepoint in his biography came down against capital punishment, it is well worth a read to understand how the principles were applied. His account of the hanging of the Belsen gang is quite illuminating too.
  13. So lets get rid of the human (read criminal) rights act and bring back the death penalty as an option.

    Given that most crims re offend and are not rehabilitated lets stop all prisoner comforts and use the money saved there to build more prisons.
  14. It's about time we re-introduced hanging.
  15. First on the list, that scum bag from liverpool.