Why dont they make British Films like this ..these days ...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bwtsninja, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Ahhhh.... the good old days!
  2. I'd like to see the whole film. Is it available?
  3. Its called Scum. I've seen it on amazon and ebay.

    Edit : Or if you're a very very naughty boy you could torrent it.
  4. See, this is what teenage life was like before Playstations and internet porn. Savages.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I think I lived in that block

    It seems very familier.....
  6. Or HERE

    ...if your familiar with torrents.
  7. Snap! ;)
  8. Were those regulation snooker balls? :? If not, someone should let the rules committee know. :p :twisted:
  9. I'd have to go the Amazon route. I noticed the file is 891.66 MB. I'm on Verizon Wireless, which allows me 5 GB per month for $60, which is robbery. It's fine for web browsing, but not very cost effective in downloading movies.
  10. Cracking film - still have it on VHS.

    I seem to remember it was instrumental in the borstal system being changed. Or maybe that's just urban myth.
  11. A great film. However, since seeing it I have always avoided potting sheds for some reason...
  12. I thought it was about the Junior Leaders
  13. I first saw it in the guardroom at Dalton Barracks, had to go on the gate before the end so spent the next couple of weeks looking everywhere for a copy

    It's thanks to that film that I can't take Ray Winstone seriously these days when he does 'non psychotic' roles
  14. Sod "why don't they make British films like that" and how about "why don't they make British prisons like that"?

    Then we'd at least know that when the chavscum get out after a stretch in young offenders they'd either be reformed to avoid going back, or double-hard b@stards that would get into serious crime not some poxy vandalism.