Why dont the paras jump operationally ??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SneakyTeen, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. I think every other army uses their airbourne unit as they are made to be used, so why dont the british airborne jump operationally anymore ???
  2. Lack of aircraft, there all doing somthing else
  3. Is the MOD's budget due to expand any time in the next few years because our budget compared to someone like the USA's is ridiculously low !!!!
  4. Yes, but compared to the USA, our Armed Forces are ridiculously small!
  5. All good things come in small packages !!
  6. Yawwn at you for yawwnin, infact i think that topic has been done to death 8O
  7. Serious answer. Because there have not been suitable circumstances in which to use a Para drop.
  8. what about afghan where soldiers are being killed by enemies that are planted in the ground (IED's :D), so wouldnt para dropping be useful, or are the conditions in Afghanistan not right or something ??
  9. Parachuting into the Hindu Kush are you mad
  10. im not experienced at all so my statements are not really valid, what is 'The hindu kush' ??
  11. You know that Paras will land on the ground don't you?

    Not withstanding IEDs casualty rates in an air drop (just from dropping not from fighting) are quite high.

    The whole concept has been pretty dodgy and only used in extremis, all through it's life.
  12. Wikipedia is your friend
  13. So are the paras around more for the historic value of them, more than for operational uniqueness ??
  14. The begining of the Himallaya mountain range it means "Death of Hindus". Most of Afghanistan is up about 2000-3000mtrs going up to about 5000mtrs these a conditions not condusive to parachuting. Kyber Gorge 1976