Why dont people want to help???

What would you do in this situation?

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Dont know if this is the right forum, but assume it will be moved if not.

Saw a prog on BBC with him off MOTD and her out of some sh1te soap, early evening. The questioned being posed was why dont people want to help other people obviously in difficulty. They used actors and posed as an upset teen, pregnant woman and a bloke who had fallen and hurt himself.

Well I think I may have a little insight into this...... Not long ago, maybe a month, me and the future Mrs pots359v were bimbling down the main drag in Pompey. We came accross a couple that were having a minor disagreement (We have all been there) in public. The only difference being she was getting the good news from her fella in full view of everyone, not only f'ing and blinding but a few haymakers etc thrown in for good measure. She in turn was screaming and clawing at the 'Dirty two timing fatherless one'. You get the picture.

Everybody was walking by as if nothing was going on, I on the other hand, not too chuffed with the situation, intervened. No fists flying, no verbals just tried to get between them and move him away whilst Mrs pots359v tried to calm the bint on the wrong end of a pasting. This is where it gets a bit weird. I move him away only to get the good news from her.. yes a size 4/5 stilletto to the head, somewhat taken aback, I lost a bit of grip and ended up with a forehead to the side of my face.

Well thinks I trying to extract myself whilst getting cursed for beating up the aforesaid goody two shoes boyfriend and fending off blows from shoe and successfully landing a haymaker of my own on this guys jaw, managed to extract myself and mrs pots359v and make a hasty retreat.
Very kind officer of the law then asks me! to accompany him to the local SS station (not for tea and stickies) to explain why I assualted this pillar of the community.

Long story short.... thats why we dont get f....ing involved!

Trip to hospital for a severly bruised jaw and a couple of stitches followed. Good samaritan ... he can F*CK OFF
So dearly beloved, the moral of this parable is...If you see a bloke lying injured by the side of the road...leg it, it's a fecking ambush! Gun group go on...
One bit of advice I got from my dad when I was younger POTS359v, was if I ever saw a couple having a bit of a domestic - never get involved for this very reason. The women will always turn on you to protect their man!

Of course, using your judgement in all cases, if it seems that the woman is in serious trouble, i.e. about to be sexually assaulted by a stranger then of course you should act. Same thing applies if someone is in obvoius pain in the middle of a high street somewhere - how can folk walk on by?
Mate i see what your saying :D
Basically we cant win 8O
But f**k em drop him then do one :twisted:
Help people but if it turns hairy get in first :wink:
I once stepped in to help some bloke who'd been twatted outside a nightclub, he'd smacked his head on the pavement and there was claret everywhere, me and my mate started to check him over, usual stuff, ABC, consciousness check etc when a gang of his mates pile out of said club, obviously having heard what had happened, and proceed to kick the shit out of us.
Lesson learnt, never again...... call an ambulance yes, but fcuk all else.
Absolutely correct Cutsy, as I found out to my horror.

"Ok love, obviously you like having your hair pulled and slapped around by this POS , in your own time , go on"

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